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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Eric M329:070
02.Meddling Adults530:440
03.Team Read’em & Sweep431:000

Best of the rest

04.Team All Velmas431:190
05.Our Name Is Geoff432:030
06.Team Jswizzle232:470
07.Team Gilman632:490
08.Twin Cities Escape Artists633:191
09.Cabin Crew634:350
10.Team Humphrey634:450
11.Team Smee4 435:000
12.Team Sam S535:111
13.Team Patrick E235:370
14.The Snacks 636:011
15.Team Grape Ape 536:510
16.The chuckleheads 337:072
17.Team Zombie 437:110
18.Serving Scooby Snacks737:170
19.Team Second Responders 537:261
20.Team Burnt Toast 337:261
21.Team Schroeder 737:390
23.Abby’S Birthday637:470
24.Mother’S Day537:490
25.Team Mystery Incorporated 637:540
26.Team Metzger238:060
27.Team Guys Trip 2022438:150
28.Team Erickson238:340
29.Team Squad Fam438:401
30.Team Lost In The Sauce 438:480
31.The Hoppers238:571
32.Team Escapaholics 439:070
33.Team Nobert339:070
34.The Freight Trains 339:180
35.Banana 239:212
36.Scooby SNACKS539:230
37.Team Sandbo439:311
38.Team Scrappy539:350
39.Team Jacey’s Wig139:401
40.The Meddling Kids239:451
41.The S Train439:500
42.Team Merp439:540
43.The Meddling 8840:010
44.Meddling Kids540:132
45.Weekend Warriors640:242
47.Fabulous Five540:390
48.Team Scooby Squad740:491
49.Team Lunds deli340:511
50.Team Sherri L541:101
51.Martin Marauders641:130
52.Team Hard Pass541:190
53.Team Linda F341:190
54.Team Super Six741:201
55.The Meddling Myhre741:220
56.Team McClaeffer241:220
57.The meddling kids341:220
58.The Rosshans341:320
59.B Squad 541:341
60.Gabor Gang341:402
61.Team Scorpions 541:411
62.Team Saturday Crew541:420
63.Team Book Club 541:440
64.Team Battles641:440
65.Team Ruh-Roh 641:550
66.Not So Incredibles 542:142
67.Team Spooktastic 542:172
68.Team Koonce242:200
69.Team No Clue442:200
70.Team Kern+842:220
71.Team Crystal Capers 642:240
72.Team Osier’S Oil442:260
73.Team Jenkin’S Jinkies 542:390
74.Team Christine H242:450
75.Team No 242:451
76.Team Mystery Inc.542:500
77.Team Jj242:543
78.Team Bad Fishers 342:570
80.Team Tiger Panda Duo243:120
81.Team Pawnee Parks and Rec 743:120
82.Escape Pumpkins243:130
83.Team Schnoor 4243:170
84.Team Kitzbugs443:231
85.Red Team443:251
86.Drewby Doo643:271
88.The Velma's (+Colin) 243:390
89.Team K team243:422
90.Team Courtney 743:431
91.Team Teacher Gang443:460
92.Team Cali443:460
93.Team The Better Mystery Inc743:500
94.The rugrats 143:531
95.The Brady Bunch 243:562
96.Team Kevin 643:582
97.Team Grace K144:002
98.Team Olivia S244:040
99.Team Kevin744:041
100.The Hex Girls244:060