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Hall of Fame

TH3 C0D3 Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Kelly P124:300
02.Nepo Sag224:510
03.The Brotherhood625:122

Best of the rest

04.Team Amy L526:192
05.Team Allenators are Quick726:570
06.Team Andrea A227:022
07.Team Knights That Say Ni627:410
08.Team Ty’s Birthday Party727:570
09.Team Mac Attack228:340
10.Team Moon628:552
11.Team Just glasses 429:001
12.Team Eskapay629:070
13.Team Kats229:230
14.Team Prison Break329:271
15.Team Missy T129:272
16.Team Not Caleb729:502
17.Team Connor M230:052
18.Team Abigail B330:271
19.2 Blondes and a Ginger331:311
20.The Hot Sauce Commitee131:361
21.Team Britt631:502
22.Team K.K331:502
23.Team Thomas C432:231
24.Team Warfrat Warriors532:313
25.Always on Top732:310
26.Team Sister Squad132:373
27.The Escape Artist332:380
28.Team Ses 632:401
29.Blue Team532:442
30.Team Thatcher432:461
31.Team Table232:531
32.Escape Guys232:560
33.Donalis Squad233:002
34.Team Tyler S433:022
35.Team Tuple233:101
36.The Ghostcats533:161
37.The Hidden Leafs133:282
38.Team Clon233:440
39.Team Koblas433:451
40.Team Pamela L433:491
41.Team mystery inc333:501
42.Team Oggy433:580
43.Odyssey Martial Escapartists534:071
44.The diggers434:200
45.Team Gaca234:242
46.Team Kate C234:430
47.Team Code 4434:511
48.Team Snowden635:131
49.Team Patti B435:153
50.Team Code Leaders635:231
51.Team LOST735:353
52.Team Everybody Loves Emma435:430
53.Cyber Ts635:462
54.Team Lisa’s Angels135:461
55.Team Angie K235:471
56.Team Gave436:031
57.Team 1984436:041
58.Team Maisy A436:101
59.Team Breezy536:121
60.Team redundancy team236:170
61.Team Code getters636:270
62.Team Josh 336:312
63.Team kicking assets! 436:423
64.Team Maryhadalillamb336:431
65.Team Spirit Horse436:520
66.Team Michelle336:521
67.Team Andrea D236:541
68.Team Trans Rights336:562
69.Team Weeks336:563
70.Fisher 6436:581
71.Team Theresa B337:011
72.Team Charlie’s Dads137:132
73.Code Leah537:201
74.Team Arrione M237:221
75.Team Lewbutt637:272
76.Solomon’s posse337:302
77.Team Caitlin S337:330
78.Team Keith737:481
79.Crew 10237:511
81.Team Baby Chicks ad Tagalongs538:020
82.Team Thursday genius 538:032
83.The Spy Lab238:071
84.Team Andy538:210
85.Team [Insert Witty Team Name Here]138:231
86.Team Sierra K538:242
87.Team Alyssa E438:330
88.Team Nicole 138:341
89.Team Cool238:473
90.Oh Jeez438:480
91.Team Lucy S338:572
92.Team The fleu game138:591
93.Click bait539:002
94.Someone Else Come Up With It439:013
95.The Potters139:022
96.Team Bananas puffs 439:042
97.Team The Mike639:060
98.North Country Bumpkins539:070
99.Team Scharpen139:081
100.Team L33T339:093