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Escape Games

Choose your team, Choose your room, Make your escape

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Thank you for being a loyal guest. Note that all bookings will be private. We are increasing the time between bookings to allow for the rooms to be more thoroughly cleaned. Our game hosts will be wearing masks and we encourage our players to do the same.

Escapology brings unique puzzles and themes to their escape rooms making it a fun thing to do for family and friends!

So, come travel through time to help the Time Displacement Institute resolve illegal time changes. You'll solve riddles, find clues and save the day! You and your team will be transported back in time with a mission that only the clever can accomplish..but you only have one hour!

SPECIAL ONLINE PRICE - $28 (Per Participant)
WHOLE ROOM BOOKING SPECIAL - If you book all 6 players in a room at once, you automatically save $5 per person.

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