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Hall of Fame

Star Trek: Quantum Filament Leaderboard

Top 3

01.The Magnificent 7730:430
02.Team Ryan A436:163
03.Star Wars538:510

Best of the rest

04.The Misfits539:552
05.Star Command644:553
06.Team Estela V445:003
07.Team Let’s Go Nuts!145:012
08.Live Long and Prosper446:202
09.Team Vinnie C747:011
10.Team Jeremy N247:073
11.Team Treksters348:222
12.Team George S648:231
13.Team Jakob P451:513
14.Team Robert S152:303
15.Team Andrew B352:533
16.Liv’s Team452:540
17.Team Devin L354:303
18.Team Discovery1755:003
19.Candy’s Slaves255:521
20.Potato Head 156:351
22.Team Mariana F557:283
23.The Siblings358:543
24.Team H-Town359:312
25.Team Dylan T260:003
26.Team Huy P260:003