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Train Time Bomb

Dificultad 7/10

FIND THE BOMB and defuse it before detonation

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Train Time Bomb

Tu historia de fondo

In the timeline you know, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected the 32nd President of the United States in November of 1932. As President, he led us through one of the worst times in U.S. History, the Great Depression and World War 2. In the new timeline that was just illegally created, a bomb has killed Franklin D. Roosevelt while campaigning in Minnesota by train. Franklin D. Roosevelt never became President of the United States, never implemented his New Deal Policy that helped the country prosper, and the United States never entered World War 2, leaving Europe open to Nazi domination.
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Train Time Bomb

La escena

Minnesota, 1932 You and your team will be transported to the dining car of the train that Franklin D. Roosevelt is campaigning on just 60 minutes before bomb detonation.
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game mission

Train Time Bomb

Tu misión

You and your team must find and defuse the bomb before detonation. Doing so will correct the timeline, saving Europe. The time portal can only be held open for 60 minutes, so time is of the essence. Note: If you are looking to book up to 8 people in a room, please book your game for 6 participants and just pay for the additional 2 when you arrive. If you have more than 8 people, we strongly advise you to split the group into two rooms.
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