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VR Escape Games Opening August 15th!

We are excited to announce something new and different! 
As fans of escape rooms you will love the game play of our 2 new virtual reality escape games.  If you've never tried VR before you'll be amazed at just how real a virtual world can be! 

In The Prison you are on death row!  You’ve been framed and put in jail on trumped-up charges. The escape plan is all set, and now you’ll need all the courage, all the cunning and all the luck you have to get to freedom and clear your name to carry on your fight for justice. 

Escape The Lost Pyramid is an escape game in Virtual Reality taking place in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins. An expedition led by Sir Beldon Frye disappears including his team of four. They were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebka. Now your team will put themselves in the shoes of the explorers.
Find out what happened to the expedition.
And more importantly: locate what they were looking for.

Note that our VR games require 2 to 4 players.