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Escapology es conocido por ser escenario de eventos memorables. Nuestro impresionante vestíbulo, nuestros servicios cinco estrellas y las salas de juego, decoradas con todo lujo de detalles serán, sin duda, la comidilla de toda la ciudad. Contamos con paquetes predefinidos para todo tipo de grupos, pero también nos adaptamos a tu propia experiencia totalmente personalizada. Déjalo en nuestras manos.

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Full Event Package Details

Contact us for full details and prices.

Jugadores 10 - 55

For our full 2021 event package details, email [email protected]

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Bronze Package

$45 per person

Jugadores 6 - 50

• You and your team select the game you would like to play during normal business hours and will have our private meeting/party room for 1 hour.

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Silver Package

$55 per person

Jugadores 10 - 50

• Same as bronze package • PLUS, discussion led by our in-house trainer centered around communication, team problem solving, and observations from the game. • TIME: 2 Hours

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Gold Package

$85 per person

Jugadores 10 - 50

• Same as silver package • PLUS, everyone can play through another escape room OR participate in an interactive team-building exercise. • TIME: 3 Hours

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Platinum Package

$100 per person

Jugadores 10 - 50

• Same as gold package • PLUS, other teamwork activities. Another game can be played if the group wishes. • TIME: 4 Hours

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Venue Buy-Out

Prices vary

Jugadores 20 - 75

Rent our venue for the private use of your organization. Individuals are free to play as many games as they would like in the time rented. Normal Business Hour Pricing: Mon-Thurs $1000/hr Fri-Sun $1344/hr - Non-Business Hour Pricing: Mon-Thurs $800/hr - *Prices subject to change at any time

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