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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Jared H52:473
02.Team Meredith H65:503
03.Team Steve O26:240

Best of the rest

04.Team Nolan G811:320
05.Team Zack K127:001
06.Team KAREN G532:235
07.Team Austin Y434:422
09.Team Ashley W536:093
10.Team Simone S937:271
11.Estrogen Overload438:300
12.Team John L540:000
13.The gang640:101
14.Team Elizabeth H640:403
15.We are down for whatever441:243
16.Team Elijah S643:043
17.Team John W443:171
18.Team Adrianna J243:503
19.Scooby Family 343:563
20.Team John K844:233
21.Team Larry P844:393
22.Team Constance S844:513
23.Team Zachary G145:003
24.Team Zachary M445:003
25.The Winners745:283
26.Team Brittany L345:373
27.Team Kasey N746:004
28.Team Casey D446:162
29.Team Scooby Snacks346:233
30.Team William C846:453
31.Team Brionna R547:231
32.Team Nadine K347:351
33.Team Blake N247:503
34.Team Jake M248:173
35.The Mystery Machines548:422
36.Team Nick H448:463
37.Team WJAMZ548:573
38.Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies649:003
39.The gang249:241
41.Team Jose S349:432
42.Team Robert B349:521
43.Scooby Snackers449:591
44.Team Mary L450:003
45.Team Halleigh W250:003
46.Team Mark D550:003
47.Team Scoob250:005
48.The Hoffmans650:002
49.Team kristen s950:053
50.Team Emalee M850:342
51.Team UnitedWay FGO450:420
52.Team mia g251:164
53.Team Jammie H651:422
54.Team Taylor L652:003
55.Team Amy R152:074
56.The BWLR452:232
57.Team Invisible Cap252:323
58.Young and 23552:493
59.Team Israel G352:553
60.The Wolf Pack452:573
61.Team Melanie M253:001
62.Team BD453:164
63.Team Chris S653:223
64.Team kyler d453:293
65.Team John O853:453
66.Team Preston S553:473
67.Team Andresa B653:523
68.Team Evan R553:533
69.Team Elijah W854:003
70.Team Caleb S254:113
71.Team kat h854:153
72.Team Stefani L554:232
73.Team Braiden O454:253
74.Baby mystery inc254:362
75.Team Ashley B754:595
76.Team Robert D555:003
77.Team Jacob M655:003
78.Team Kearra C255:003
79.Team Jeffrey G855:003
80.Team Sarah P755:163
81.Team Jesse M256:013
82.I can’t see without my glasses556:021
83.Mystery Inc 3.0356:122
84.Team Jessica P456:234
85.Team Scooby Snacks256:283
86.Team Grant S556:323
87.Team George M456:334
88.Team Cody K556:384
89.Team Rocket256:593
90.Team Brandon B357:003
91.Team Hanako J757:003
92.Team Bea W457:164
93.Team Kendel P557:203
94.Team Amanda N657:233
95.Team We’re Better857:293
96.Team Tevin N357:432
97.Team Khaden S857:536
98.Team Tanya C758:003
99.Team Erin H558:003
100.Team Gracelyn N258:003