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So You're A Bit Puzzled?

Never tried an escape room before? We’ve got you covered on everything you need to know before setting foot into one of our awesome escape games.

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What is Escapology?

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Escapology is the world’s fastest growing escape-the-room franchise. It is a high adrenaline escape game where players are locked inside a themed room and must complete their mission before time runs out. During the 60-minute experience players are immersed into a real-life adventure where they must find hidden clues, crack codes, solve challenging puzzles and escape!

How long will the experience last?

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The game itself is 60 minutes although you might escape earlier! You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time and after your game you will be given a game debrief and we will take your team photo. Allow 90 minutes for your end-to-end experience.

What skills do I need to play?

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No special skills or knowledge are required to play the games, apart from a decent understanding of English.

May I leave the room in the middle of the game?

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It is better for your experience to stay in the game until you escape, although in an emergency you can always leave the game.

What if we need help during the game?

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You’ll be monitored closely via secret surveillance linked directly to your dedicated Game Master in our Control Room. If you are stuck you may ask them for a hint!

May I book a large group or a private event?

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Yes you can! Please contact us so we can discuss options for your group

What happens if I arrive late?

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As a courtesy to all players, all games start exactly at their published time. If you arrive late you can still play but you will have time deducted from your 60 minutes. You must arrive at least 15 minutes before your game start time in order to check in and sign your waivers. There will be no refunds for late arrivals.

Are mobile phones permitted?

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No! Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in the room. The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited. We provide a safe place in each game room for you to store your phone and belongings while you play!

Am I really locked in a room?

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No. Fire marshals would never allow that. You will definitely “feel” like you are locked in but if you ever need to step out of the room, then you can. You will be so immersed in the game that you won’t even think about it!

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

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Yes. We pride ourselves on having totally accessible games. There maybe occasional puzzles that require additional assistance but in general everyone can play an active part in all aspects of the games.

Is there a dress code?

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Just come as you are! Just make sure you are comfortable as all of your senses will be on high alert!

How do I book a game?

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Just click the BOOK NOW button to go directly to the booking page. Or you can check out the games first. All the games have BOOK NOW buttons clearly displayed.

What are the Terms and Conditions for your Gift Cards?

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They are only valid in the venue that the card is purchased from They are valid for 1 year from purchase To redeem the voucher, call the venue or go online

Where can I obtain a waiver for minors?

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Participants under 18 years of age, must have a waiver signed by a parent or a legal guardian at the time of their experience. In the event the guardian won't be present with the person under 18 years of age, please CLICK HERE to download, print and fill out the waiver to turn in to us prior to the start of the game.

Can you accommodate individuals that have special needs?

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If you have specials needs, please contact us “prior” to booking so we can plan arrangements to meet your needs in order to make the very best experience possible.

What are your prices?

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Monday - Thursday - $32 per person

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - $35 per person
3 person minimum for Live Escape Rooms.

How do I add additional players to a booking after it’s made?

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If additional players need to be added to an existing booked real-life escape mission, it will need to be done online by the original person who made the booking by using the "view/change booking" link in the booking confirmation email they received after the initial booking. Or, others can be added and paid for at the reception desk upon arrival. Virtual Reality missions are not automatically private rooms and can be booked online by all guests separately or as one group. Please arrive at least 20 mins prior to your game start time "if you need to add and pay for additional players before your game" otherwise arrive the recommended 15 minutes prior to game start time. We recommend if you have more than 8 players, to split up between two missions.

Is anything different because of the COVID-19?

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At this time we are remaining open. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments based on the evolving circumstances of the COVID-19 virus. We have implemented private games only for our real-life escape rooms (VR excluded) to eliminate the possibility of strangers being grouped together in a mission. We have also increased frequency in cleaning and sanitizing procedures for high touch areas and items. Once we receive our shipment, we will also be offering each player a pair of complimentary disposable gloves for their game if they desire it during this time.

What Do Customers Have To Say About You?

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Can you tell me more about Virtual Reality games?

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- Who can play?

You do not need to be a gamer or a computer expert. Our Virtual Reality experience is intuitive and made for everyone. It is not violent and is focused on cooperation between players.

- I have a fear of height, can I play?

Your feet will always touch the floor but your brain might think otherwise. Our experience can be challenging for people with strong fear of heights! But is also amazingly rewarding when you go through!

- Is it for Team Building?

You cannot escape alone! You have to work together. The key to success is to talk, listen, collaborate, and of course High Five what you are done!

- Will I be sick?

Relax! Only 1% of our players have felt motion sickness. Often, people who tried Virtual Reality for the first time on mobile have had a bad experience and think they are not made for Virtual Reality.. it was just bad Virtual Reality!

What is your cancellation policy?

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We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. We may be able to change your game to an alternative slot or provide credit for a future game. Please call the venue for more details.

Who can play the game?

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Anyone can play our games in groups of 2-8 players (some of our virtual reality missions require groups of 2, 4 or 6, so please read the requirements for each game). We do require groups with players 16 years of age and under to have an adult accompany them while playing. The game is recommended (not required) for children age 7 and above. Participants under 18 years of age, must have a waiver signed by a parent or a legal guardian at the time of their experience.