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Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge - Coming Soon

Prove what it takes to be a hero, SAVE GOTHAM CITY!

A private escape room experience

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Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge

Your Back Story

Welcome to the Gotham City Guardians training program! Gotham City, a metropolis plagued by crime and injustice, is in dire need of heroes. In response to the escalating threats, Batman has initiated a new Gotham City Guardian training program. You have been carefully selected for the program to attempt a new and intense training exercise, designed to teach you how to push your limits, catch criminals and uphold justice alongside the Caped Crusader. To prove you have what it takes, you must compete to complete the rigorous training exercise designed by the Batman. Pass, and you're in. Fail, and your origin story ends here. Are you prepared to answer the call?
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Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge

The Scene

You've answered the call and there's no time to waste. Step into a custom simulation of the Batcave, filled with bat-tech tailored to your mission needs. The communication systems built into the Batcomputer are designed to deliver guidance along the way, with curated clues from the Batman to guide you through your journey. But be warned ... the rest is up to you. Batman has planted a training device in the heart of Gotham City, filled with a non-harmful chemical compound designed to mimic a legitimate chemical leak without the fatality. The device is fitted with a countdown clock that will release the gas in exactly 60 minutes after your mission start time so you'll have to work quickly. There's no turning back now, Guardian.
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Batman: The Dark Knight Challenge

Your Mission

The Dark Knight chose you for this program-prove him right or miss your shot forever. lt is up to your team to locate and disarm the training device that Batman has planted in the heart of Gotham City. If you can find the device and stop the release of the gas before the countdown timer ends in 60 minutes, you will have successfully completed your mission, cleared your training and saved Gotham City. But if you fail, you will leave and not be invited to return into the program again. This is your one and only chance to get this right. Do you have what it takes to complete your mission and earn your status? Can you locate the chemical device and defuse the situation before time runs out? Will you prove you have the ability to fight for justice, or will Gotham City's criminal forces be out of your league? Prepare for the unexpected, work closely with your team and don't give up - the clock is ticking. Time is of the essence.
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