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August’s Team Member of the Month

August’s Team Member of the Month

Here at Escapology we take pride in our staff. Each and every day we watch as they learn and train to be the best they possibly can so they can provide the best possible experience. For August, Escapology Myrtle Beach is proud to introduce you to Asha.

Asha is a fantastic member of our team and we are happy to have someone who is so committed to the experiences we provide our guests! As our manager at Escapology Myrtle Beach has told us, “She’s one step ahead of the managers and never has to be asked to do something. She’s thorough and always gets the job done with a smile on her face and an Olivia Rodrigo song in her head.”. Asha is a star team player and we are happy to introduce her to you!


Here are a few fun facts about Asha

What would you name your boat if you had one?

“Shark bait” because I’m kind of scared of the ocean 

What Cartoon Do You Still Like To Watch?


If You Could Dedicate Your Life To Solving One Problem, What Problem Would You Choose?

I just want to help the sick

What Ice Cream Flavor Do You Think Should Never Exist?