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Escape Room Tip #2

Get into it right away!

Escape Room Tip number #2 is probably one of the most important tips we can give you. All too often we find a group who is new to the escape room industry and even though they have been briefed, they find it difficult to work out where to start.

Don’t overthink it! Standing around looking quite overwhelmed is the first step to getting stuck. As overwhelming as it can all be, start anywhere. Look in the corners, there’s probably nothing there, but it’s a start.

Clues, riddles, and puzzles can be hidden anywhere in a room, so it’s important to check everywhere. Drawers, walls, pictures, plants, anywhere else you can think as well can hold the most important part of your mission, or a small part to be used later. Leave no stone unturned! Unless your game master or game host tells you that certain stooges don’t need turning of course.

To find a challenge that suits you, check out the link here! We hope to see you soon!