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Operation 20K - Complete!

45 different countries, 28 different languages. 65% women, 35% men. To most people, these seem like random numbers. To Escapology, these numbers represent the individuals and backgrounds that make up the over 20,000 people that have liked Escapology Orlando on Facebook. And the figures go on and on. 43% from the ages of 25-34, 11% between 45-54. People from all walks of life, from all across the world, joined together, as one collective group, all because of their love for escape games.

Since our beginnings in late 2014, Escapology has strived to not only become the biggest escape room brand on the planet, but to bring people together and provide memorable experiences to our fellow escapologists in every city we go.  And we believe we’ve done just that. Escape Rooms have the power to bring together people of any kind, from anywhere. Families, friends, couples, and sometimes strangers. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, people who believe the Earth is flat, and more. 20,000 likes on Facebook doesn’t just represent a number of followers to us. It’s so much more.

So to all our followers, our escapologists, thank you. We look forward to continuing to provide incredible experiences to all of you. The road to 30,000 has begun, and we can’t wait to write the next blog about it!