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Why are Escape Rooms so Great for Team Building?

Why are Escape Rooms so Great for Team Building?


At Escapology, we see dozens of teams working together every day to achieve a common goal in conquering our escape rooms. Many of them are families or groups of friends, but since it’s such a great test of teamwork and co-operation we’re seeing more and more corporate groups take on our escape games to bring them closer together and promote collaboration and teamwork among working groups.


Escape games are a great way of increasing communication among your team; no matter what industry your company operates in, productivity is crucial to success. Duplication of effort is the enemy of productivity when working in teams, so escape games like ours force teams to effectively delegate work between each other given they are up against the clock. Having people doing the same thing and an absence of communication with one another is a sure-fire way to not manage to escape our rooms.


It is also an opportunity to identify potential leaders within your team, as it could very well be the quiet and reserved new recruit who steps into a leadership role in the context of the escape room, helping you to learn more about your team’s potential strengths. Perhaps the unsung hero who kept stock of all the clues your team were finding and connected the dots to solve a crucial puzzle is more organized than they’re given credit for. Managing to escape as a team creates momentum for them as a group and can improve their output at work after the event, as they are given a renewed confidence in their own and their colleagues’ abilities.


Companies that show their team that they are valued by treating them from time to time can also nurture a positive culture among their teams. People nowadays place increasing importance on the social elements of their job, and such things can be key to keeping your team happy, and ultimately together; unhappy teams don’t tend to stick around, and a positive culture like this helps to generate stronger retention of staff as team members genuinely enjoy being a part of your company.


Similarly, it can lead to improved output as a result of a happier team who are more comfortable with each other and can work together more comfortably and efficiently. With workplace culture becoming a higher priority for jobseekers nowadays, word often gets around about certain businesses being particularly good or bad to work for and taking your team for an escape game is a great way to foster the kind of positive sentiment that can give you an edge in recruitment.


Finally, and most importantly, our escape games are fun for people of all ages and interests, and your team is set for a great time at Escapology! As an employee, for a company to show that they really do value and care about the contribution of you and your teammates and want to reward you, it’s an undeniably great feeling. It’s bound to give their morale a boost and you’ll likely feel a bit of a buzz around the workplace in the days before and after.