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Am I really locked in the room?

Am I really locked in the room?

At Escapology, we are constantly being asked “will you really lock us in the room”, and to that, we say “No, we value your safety above all else. You can leave the room whenever you’d like.”.

Some might see this as less of an experience, it doesn’t feel real enough, the element of the escape doesn’t mean as much. But we understand that not everyone is the same, and not everyone feels comfortable having that freedom taken away.

As unique individuals, not everyone can handle small rooms, scare props, and low lighting. “Where is the fun in that?” we hear you ask, well we have some things to say about that as well. When our guests call us ahead of time, to ask us these sensitive questions, we give them straight answers, without taking the mystery of the rooms away.

Each of our games is fun, immersive, delightful, and challenging. In fact, we think that adding these things that make people feel just a bit more safe and secure, makes the experience all the more fun. People can come to us and know that they are in safe hands. That we have considered what it’s like to be them visiting our stores.

With all that said, feel free to give us a call anytime! Or, for those who dislike talking on the phone, you can visit us here and learn more about what FAQs we’ve answered.