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The Ultimate Guide to Escaping an Escape Room

The Ultimate Guide to Escaping an Escape Room

Assemble your team

Compose your escape team carefully. Arguments once inside the room are a waste of your most precious resource; time! Come along with a team who gets along well, and can work together as a cohesive unit. Leave your ego at the door, escaping is a team effort, not a quest for individual glory! 


What makes an escape expert

Conventional or academic intelligence doesn’t necessarily make somebody a great escape room player, and being able to think outside the box can be a very useful skill indeed. Organization and a good memory are other great traits to look for in a teammate.

A good sense of imagination is a superb trait for escaping, as immersing yourself in the storyline can help you figure out how to escape. We find that all kinds of people can flourish in the context of an escape room, as long as they embrace the task with open arms. 


Believe in yourselves

Some of the teams at the top of our leaderboards might consider themselves unlikely champions, so have faith in your ability and immerse yourself in the escape! Most importantly, enjoy your experience at Escapology as not every player wants to battle for the fastest escape time, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with taking the tempo down a notch and having a good time.


Stay organized and communicate

Once in the room, do your best to keep everyone informed, and keep your clues neatly organized. The clues and information you gather are your keys to escaping. There’s no use in only one person holding onto a piece of knowledge, especially when it may tie in with something a teammate is looking at. A good way to keep people involved is to shout out what you find!


Don’t all focus on the same thing

Furthermore, try to be strategic in how your team is working, there’s no use in having everyone crowded around the same puzzle. Spread out and try to tackle different parts of the game or find clues, and remember to keep communicating with your fellow escapees! 


Don’t force things

If a handle or prop doesn’t move easily it’s probably not supposed to, so please don’t break parts of the room. If you’re not sure, it’s best to check with your Game Master. The brute force approach may work for literally escaping the confines of the room since you’re not literally locked in, but you probably won’t be invited back anytime soon and won’t have the best game experience either!


Most importantly, enjoy yourselves

This initial set of tips should help you and your team through your first escape room, but if you find yourselves really stuck don’t be afraid to ask your game master for a hint! 

Just like everything else, you’ll get better with practice, so go ahead and enjoy your first game. You guys will be experts before you know it, solving all kinds of puzzles and cracking codes at crazy speeds!