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KIDS MODE - Coming Soon

Escape games only for players aged 7-14!

A private escape room experience

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Your Back Story

Step into Escapology, the pulse-pounding live escape game that challenges you to find clues, decipher codes, and solve puzzles within immersive, fantastic adventures.

In the heart of this world, KIDS MODE is born—a place that transforms our 5-star rated escape rooms into an adventure designed specifically for kids. Here, your children get to lead the story, solve intricate puzzles and be the heroes they've always dreamed of becoming. It’s an age-appropriate challenge for young sleuths—and one found ONLY at Escapology.

*Do you want to play with your kids? Then book a regular game! KIDS MODE is an easy game mode designed only for kids, but your kids are welcome to play with you in a normal game mode.
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The Scene

KIDS MODE is a place where children command the space, learning and growing together through teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Our young detectives immerse themselves in engaging narratives, turning puzzles into learning adventures and using critical thinking to crack the mysteries.

With their detective checklist in hand and a walkie-talkie connecting them to their ever-helpful Game Master, every clue and detail is accounted for. In this safe, supportive environment, kids learn valuable life skills while they navigate our captivating rooms, designed to engage their curious minds and foster a spirit of collaboration. And if a birthday is on the horizon, a KIDS MODE party is the perfect cherry on top of this thrilling experience.
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Your Mission

Your kids’ mission is to collaborate, communicate, and solve the puzzles that stand in their way. They’ll need to think critically, work as a team, and most importantly, have fun. Success in KIDS MODE is not just about escaping—it's about growing, learning, and creating unforgettable memories. So, are your children ready to embark on their KIDS MODE journey?

Click on the 'book now' link and let's get this adventure started! Remember, if you've got any questions, we're just an email away.
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