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Step Inside Your
Private Adventure

Locked In | Crack Codes | Solve Puzzles | Escape

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Private Escape Games

Choose your team, Choose your private room, Make your escape

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[Staff] were amazing and I was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness if the entire facility. -goldcanyonmom

This place is so much fun!!! All of the rooms I've been in so far are super fun and interesting! The place is super safe and clean, too. The best part for me tho is the staff! They put so much passion into their jobs... - Abby

This was my first time at Escapology and let me tell you I had a blast. Mansion Murder is super hard but worth it. The employees are very nice and I was able to have an alcoholic beverage before entering the room. - Mikka

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Escapology is a high adrenalin escape game where players are locked inside a themed room and must complete their mission before time runs out. During the 60-minute experience players are immersed into a real-life adventure where they must find hidden clues, crack codes, solve challenging puzzles and escape! Located in a prime location, players will be challenged in this new attraction by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and open locks. You have an hour to work through all of the challenges and unlock your final door to escape. Do you have what it takes?

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