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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Scooby - Mayo421:200
02.Team Elizabeth H423:371
03.Team Jasmine B223:530

Best of the rest

04.Team Mike W525:401
05.Team Caputo - Scooby531:120
06.Team Edeburn - Scooby Doo532:000
07.Team Rogers232:500
08.Team Noreen - Scooby133:540
09.Team VanDenBerghe - Scooby334:050
10.Team Six - Scooby434:220
11.Team Kelly - Scooby636:262
12.Team Jesse - Scooby436:353
13.Team Ashford - Scooby336:430
14.Team Jared637:093
15.Owings - Scooby337:361
16.Team Brianna - Scooby438:090
17.Team Alex G438:101
18.Team Melissa G339:050
19.Team Scoob439:060
21.Team Morales- Scooby439:321
22.Team Arnold - Scooby639:550
23.Team Gan- Scooby640:002
24.Team Whitford - Scooby340:180
25.Team Lefton-Scooby640:191
26.Team Kathryn C640:242
27.Happy Birthday, Drew!540:340
28.Team Ducharme340:360
29.Team Longo440:361
30.Team Weeks440:441
31.Team B Squad440:513
32.Team Devlin340:583
33.Team Shaggy!440:580
34.Team Drew - Scooby441:083
35.Team Matt H - Scooby141:130
36.Team Michelle W341:280
37.Team Kelly B541:292
38.Team Emily M541:300
39.Team Chea - Scooby441:381
41.Team Martha - Scooby241:470
42.Team Jonathan T - Scooby541:500
43.Team Matthew V441:521
45.Team Sinnigen - Scooby442:002
46.Team Cathy Y442:071
47.Team Brian B642:262
48.Team Arianna L442:290
49.Team Whiles- Scooby642:322
50.Team Pantalone - Scooby242:323
51.Team Kristin C642:353
52.Team Amy M - Scooby442:400
53.Team Deborah F Scooby142:413
54.Team Emily B Scooby542:443
55.Team Scoob242:473
56.Team Brandano - Scooby543:083
57.Team Ashley - Scooby443:340
58.Team Eirian S643:401
59.Team Kings443:453
60.Team Deanna W-Scooby1044:003
61.Team McGrath544:202
62.Team Yoeuth - Scooby444:210
64.Team Gay - Scooby444:300
65.Team Jason C-Scooby 644:390
66.Team Samantha - Scooby644:431
67.Team Scooby Doo144:463
68.Team Yanfen L444:473
69.Team Kate B244:590
70.Team Kelly M645:002
71.Team Tess545:001
72.Team Gianna - Scooby345:052
73.Team sCOOBY645:073
74.Hauschildt - Scooby 345:131
75.Team Scooby445:152
76.Team Anna-Scooby345:271
77.Team Devin - Scooby545:302
78.Team Garand - Scooby345:350
79.Team Hak - Scooby345:431
80.Dutremble - Scooby345:502
81.Team Scooby445:533
82.Team Lanciani - Scooby445:540
83.Team Xie - Scooby245:591
84.Team Lilly C246:011
85.Team BUTZE - Scooby 546:011
86.Team Scooby546:041
87.Team Samnang - Scooby146:073
88.Team Crabcakes246:143
89.Team Scooby646:140
90.Team Scooby446:293
91.Team Scooby346:462
92.Team Susan - Scooby646:502
93.Team Scooby646:521
94.Team Krenek - Scooby Doo!446:540
95.Team Elijah H346:541
96.Team Joel M646:552
97.Team Scooby546:580
98.Team Cook - Scooby446:582
99.Team Heather M - Scooby146:593
100.Team Lily- Scooby547:000