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Vegas Hangover - Próximamente

Your friend is getting hitched. Piece your night together and SAVE THE DAY!

Una experiencia privada de escape room

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Vegas Hangover

Tu historia de fondo

Well, look who's come to. You remember anything about last night? I bet you don't. All of you were pretty sloppy. Let me give you a bit of a refresher. Your little group here came into the wrong casino last night. All of you were about two drinks away from falling flat on your faces. Does this ring any bells?
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Vegas Hangover

Puesta en escena

Well, what about the part where you spilled the beans that you were holding your best friend’s wedding rings for him? your memory is slowly coming back isn't it? When you ran out of cash you made a deal with me and you were so wasted I convinced you to put the rings up as collateral. I have to admit I didn't expect you to ACTUALLY do it… I have your rings... cause I don't lose...Ever!! But...I'll give you one chance to get your friend’s rings back. I hid them away somewhere in this very penthouse. I'll give you one hour to find them. See? I am not a heartless monster...Oh...but who is a heartless monster is my husband.
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Vegas Hangover

Tu misión

I know you aren’t from around here...So let me fill you in. His name is Tommy 'The Steel Pipe' Franklin and he’s the owner of the casino you were in last night and a downright rotten criminal. See...I never lose. If my hubby finds you here...well...take a guess what'll happen to you. Not only will your best friend wonder where his rings are...He'll wonder where YOU are...forever. It's all fun and games for me. But for you...not so much. Shake off the hangover and get to work. Time is of the essence.