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Nuclear War

Dificultad 7/10

It’s up to you to STOP A NUCLEAR WAR

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Nuclear War

Tu historia de fondo

The existing timeline that we all know has been changed! You and your team have been tasked to travel to 1962 Havana, Cuba, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, to stop Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba, from launching nuclear missiles at the United States.
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Nuclear War

La escena

Cuba, 1962 You will be transported to a “Safe Room” located just off Fidel Castro’s private office in order to find and destroy the launch codes. The document was hidden by Ramon Castro, a Master of Game Theory and older brother of Fidel Castro.
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Nuclear War

Tu misión

You have one hour to correct the timeline and save the United States of America from nuclear annihilation and the Soviet Union controlled the future.