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Dificultad 7/10

Can you uncover the terrible secrets?

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Tu historia de fondo

There are dark places in the world you should stay away from; these are the places where all your fears can come true.
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Puesta en escena

Haunted Monastery Be careful because you will have to risk not only lives but also your souls when you encounter the ancient force that slumbers under an old abandoned monastery. This dark sanctuary hides terrible secrets.
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Tu misión

You have received a letter asking for help from an old friend and partner in dangerous adventures. In the letter, she wrote about her investigation into the question of missing people in the surrounding forests. You are about to conduct your own investigation. IMPORTANT NOTE: To book this game, select "Virtual Reality Mission" from our booking page. This is a Virtual Reality escape game, unlike our other 4 live escape games. This particular game must be played in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 players. Our Virtual Reality arena can accommodate up to 6 players. The minimum height requirement to play is 4 feet tall and the minimum age requirement is 10 years of age. Mission Time Approximately: 15 minutes of training and 45 minutes of game time for a total Virtual Reality experience of 1 hour. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time for pre-mission requirements.
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