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Shanghaied Tabla de clasificación

Primeros 3

01.Team Johnny B522:303
02.Team no hints528:170
03.Jiggle Jason431:351

Lo mejor del resto

04.Team Tape432:413
05.Sleuth or Dare 732:472
06.The Shanghaied Five434:352
08.Team Rowe438:000
09.We wear hats now 438:442
10.Team Michael C638:560
11.Team James T439:033
12.Time to spare439:072
13.A talking cat?!639:192
14.Team ginger639:201
15.Team Kelly M439:233
16.Baby Free B-Day640:001
17.Team Alan B440:051
18.I'm getting hives540:052
20.Georgia Made540:161
21.Team goat 740:201
22.Clueless 4440:463
23.Team Jan M240:513
24.Team Cale H640:522
25.Team Deadbolt340:593
26.Team Shanghaied541:052
27.Team Allie R441:153
28.Team tourists 441:253
29.Team Mitch V441:313
30.Team Jacquline M441:373
31.Team Swirl241:372
33.Team James H542:232
34.Finding Cheese242:403
35.The Brown Bamdits242:442
36.The avengers842:444
37.Team Destun D642:513
40.The Mustache Twirlers343:271
41.Emily is 18543:343
42.Team Elizabeth G443:353
43.Mystery Mansion243:461
44.Fun team blueberry 443:502
45.Team Jessica M344:123
46.Team Angel C544:132
47.Hot and Spicy144:143
48.Hodges & Son444:272
49.Frustrated two244:363
50.The Dream Team844:393
51.Team Envy644:483
52.Seafarers 644:511
53.Team Hannah T445:003
54.Team Ronnie F245:002
55.Team Ferrante245:052
56.Got a clue?445:364
57.Team Amy N845:432
58.Team David L145:453
59.Raymondburr's legs645:521
60.Knot Cr3at1v3645:573
61.Team Deanna S545:571
63.Valentines 446:183
64.Fantastic Four446:333
65.Team Cayce M346:363
66.Marcis Crew646:373
67.Team Lily546:473
68.Murphy's law 346:493
69.We need help547:074
70.The big five547:112
71.Team William S447:153
72.KNC's Victory347:202
73.Team Molly A447:212
74.Mr Six447:263
75.Team Marlos547:262
76.Wes' Minions647:322
78.Team Props447:483
79.The tribe648:053
80.The Mafia248:263
82.Team Margaret S348:472
83.Team hints549:003
86.Just us249:153
87.Team Cynthia L549:153
88.Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders449:231
89.Team Mandi M649:253
90.Team Keith B249:303
91.Team Busted Out449:323
93.Afraid of Hytes449:513
94.Team Drew349:522
95.Team Jeffrey V650:000
96.Escape Addicts550:002
97.Team Jordan C650:103
98.Team Sam B850:433
99.Team Genae D450:553
100.The Internationals 450:593