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The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas In Memphis

Having a fantastic Bachelorette party is the ultimate rite of passage for a woman getting married in just a few days. These events create fond memories, establish tight bonds, and allow the bride to spend time with her closest friends and relatives. Though, it’s no secret that many people find planning a Bachelorette party difficult.

Rightfully so, it can be taxing trying to obtain quality ideas that are both affordable and accessible for sizable crowds. However, there are some very creative ideas you can use to make your Bachelorette party a memorable experience. Read on to learn about the best Bachelorette party ideas in Memphis.

1. Escape Room

Visiting an escape room is a wonderful experience that can captivate an entire Bachelorette party. For an affordable price, you can embark on a complete escape room experience with your group and create hundreds of amazing memories. To get started, search for the best escape rooms in Memphis, and book an escape room to begin participating in exciting escape games with your friends and relatives. 

2. The Gray Canary

The Gray Canary has been hosting Bachelorette parties for over a decade, and would absolutely enjoy hosting your party this year. This destination can be found in the Old Dominick Distillery in Downtown Memphis. The Gray Canary offers the most enticing menu than the other entries on this list, providing guests with seasonal options such as fresh oysters and succulent shrimp cocktail.

Nevertheless, arguably one of the best features of this venue is its industrial, yet contemporary setting filled with breathtaking views and vantage points. 

3. Five in One Social Club

If your group values the creative arts, this Bachelorette party destination may be the perfect one for you. This club offers creative workshops for visitors, teaching a wide array of various skills. Some of these workshops include glass blasting, circle loom weaving, block printing, gold leaf taxidermy. 

Surprisingly, these destination is entirely affordable for guests, which is a perfect ideal for individuals planning a Bachelorette party destination on a budget.

4. Acme Feed and Seed

Located on 101 Broadway in Nashville, Acme Feed and Seed features a premier and refined rooftop bar. During the night, guests can watch the beautiful night sky, while sipping on wonderfully crafted drinks such as the Mule Kicker, a delicious lemonade, and moonshine slush. Acme Feed and Seed also offers live music and premium bar food that provides custom cuisines from burgers to sushi. 

5. Memphis Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever explored the idea of embarking on a scavenger hunt with the bride and your closest friends? Lucky for you, Harding Ventures is sponsoring the immensely popular Memphis Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt. This Bachelorette party destination allows you and your party to venture around Memphis on a wild goose chase, while everyone plays a symbolic and entertaining role. Prices begin at $20 per person, and this event features unique content, a wide array of packages to choose from, and a guarantee that the bride will become the center of attention. 

Understandably, Bachelorette party planning can be complicated if you are searching for fresh and new ideas for your group. At any rate, you can follow this list to create the best Bachelorette party for your friends and family.