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Best Escape Rooms In Memphis

Escape rooms have become a widespread phenomenon in the United States and around the world. In the city of Memphis, escape room adventures among citizens are growing more commonplace. These physical adventure games pit players against complex puzzles, as they attempt to find a way out.

As intriguing as this activity sounds, finding a quality escape room in Memphis can be a tedious process. Therefore, in this article, you will learn more about the best escape rooms in Memphis for you to make an informed decision when the time comes for you to visit one of these elaborate indoor puzzle games.

5. Bluff City Escape Rooms

Perhaps one of the most creative escape rooms in the Mid-South, Bluff City Escape Rooms boasts an incredible set of challenging puzzles with low success rates. In other words, these puzzles are challenging to solve and will require all of your thinking skills to navigate your way out. Bluff City Escape Rooms features five custom-themed rooms known as The Theater, The Ship Dungeon, Old Man Jones’ Workshop, Down the Rabbit Hole and Black Magic on Beale.

Each room has a minimum capacity of six people, but one of the most magical benefits of this Bluff City Escape Rooms is that this venue hosts family parties, date nights, and even corporate events.

4. BreakOut Games

With 21 locations throughout the United States, BreakOut Games has become a significant tourist attraction in the city of Memphis. Rightfully so, this escape room venue fully immerses adventurers into realistic puzzles, created by professional designers and a virtual reality team. Equipped with a marker and whiteboard, all players will look for clues and uncover its mysterious details. These clues can range from clever riddles to frightening video recordings.

3. I Escaped Memphis
I Escaped Memphis is a real-life escape room in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. This premier escape room gives you and your friends the opportunity to enter one of its challenging puzzles and demystify the understanding of a variety of clues and secret codes. Players will have only one hour to escape one of its puzzles for a chance to claim a rare victory. With an affordable selection of event prices, potential visitors can experience a thrilling adventure without having to break their wallet. 2. Memphis Escape Rooms Since 2015, Memphis Escape Rooms has provided adventurers with a meaningful puzzle experience. This venue categorizes each of its ten escape rooms by its success rating, teamwork rating, brain power rating, and suspense rating. Every puzzle is designed with a specific scenario that will indeed put your problem-solving skills to the test. Memphis Escape Rooms also offers an exclusive escape game called, “SAGA,” which is a combination of video games and virtual reality. 1. Escapology Memphis Dubbed as America’s #1 escape room, Escapology has built a reputation as a premier real-life escape room. From the moment you walk inside one of their mind-boggling puzzles, you will obtain a real-life experience of being thrown into a precarious and confusing situation. Unlike the other escape rooms in Memphis, you can book both private and public events and participate in a mysterious and challenging puzzle adventure that takes you back in time. Also, Escapology offers flexible pricing, the most challenging escape games you can play, and a chance for you to make the Hall of Fame with your team score. Overall, it’s up to you and your team to find a way out of the puzzle before you are trapped for the rest of the game. To learn more about booking and pricing, you can visit their website for more information to schedule your next event.