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10 Things To Do In Memphis In Summer Of 2018

Summer is quickly approaching in Memphis. Like any other large metropolitan area, Memphis truly lights up during the summer months. As a result, Memphians and tourists have the opportunity to engage in numerous summer-themed activities that range from wall climbing to escape rooms. If you are contemplating arranging a list of wonderful activities to do in Memphis this summer, here are 10 fun and unique things you can do in Memphis in the summer of 2018. 10. Attend a Free Concert Memphis is the exclusive home of Rock & Roll and the Blues. With historical musical shrines such as Graceland, Beale Street, and the The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, it’s truly no question that music is a special pastime that many Memphians hold dear. In the summer months, there are numerous free concerts music lovers can attend throughout the city. Levitt Shell hosts a variety of free concerts in the Mid-South area featuring a wide selection of musical artists in varying genres. If you want to learn more about Levitt Shell’s upcoming free concerts, you can check out their website for more information. 9. Farmers’ Market Tennessee is renowned for its immense focus towards agriculture. Rightfully so, during the summer months, Memphis becomes a vibrant hub for farmers who desire to personally sell their crops to consumers. The premier destination for this sort of exchange is inside of various farmers’ markets located within the city. From delicious corn to juicy watermelons, visitors can get their fill on a wide array of fruit and vegetables. Two of the most well-known farmers’ markets in the city is Memphis Farmers’ Market and the South Memphis Farmers’ Market. Regardless of the market you choose, make sure you bring an appetite and a willingness to have a great time. 8. Wall Climbing A few years ago, wall climbing centers in Memphis would have been utterly nonexistent. However, it is now possible for Memphians and tourists to engage in wall climbing activities in the Mid-South. In February, High Point Climbing and Fitness held its opening ceremony, becoming Tennessee’s largest rock climbing center. Located on 21 N. Humphreys Blvd, High Point features a 45-foot indoor rock climbing wall. In addition, the 32,000 square foot building houses a 3,500 square foot kids’ section, specially designed for kids aged 3-12. As the largest rock climbing center in Tennessee, there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit High Point Climbing and Fitness this summer with your children. 7. Escape Rooms For those out of touch with Memphis entertainment, you may be wondering, “What is an escape room, and how do escape rooms work?” Essentially, an escape room is a real-time adventure game, in which players are trapped in a room and must solve puzzles and riddles to “escape the room”. There are numerous Memphis escape rooms, but one of the best and top-rated escape rooms in Memphis is located in Bartlett, TN. If you read reviews from customers, you can tell right away that it is a local favorite. This specific escape room location explains the escape room basics for beginners, may give a few escape room tips, and they provide the best escape games for visitors. Their rooms offer the most unique escape room experience that can even take you back in time. If you want to book an escape room in Memphis for a special event or birthday, a convenient way of obtaining extensive information is by simply searching, “escape rooms near me” in your browser. By doing this, you will receive an exhaustive list of escape rooms in Memphis, for you to make your own informed decision. 6. Food Trucks When you are hungry from all of your fun-filled activities in the city of Memphis, it’s a great thing to know that you can sit down to delicious cuisines from a variety of food trucks stationed in the Mid-South. No matter where you are in Memphis, you can easily find a quality food truck to dine and have a great time. 5. Shelby Farms Shelby Farms hold a special importance not just in Tennessee, but also in the United States. The Memphis park is one of the twenty largest urban parks in the country, and it is completely accessible to you and your family. Inside of the park, you can host picnics, sporting events, family gatherings, paintball and laser tag games, and so much more. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy summer in the best possible setting, Shelby Farms is your number one destination to have great fun in the outdoors. 4. Canale Farms Similar to Shelby Farms, Canale Farms is a perfect outdoors destination for you and your family. However, Canale Farms offers an entirely different set of activities. In this outdoor setting, you can participate in basketball, a petting zoo, tennis and badminton, and a trolley ride around the park. If you plan on hosting a large gathering, Canale Farms will cater your event, regardless of the amount of people you plan on attending. 3. Crystal Shrine Grotto If you are trying to tap into your adventurous side, then Crystal Shrine Grotto is the perfect place for you to visit. This psychedelic memorial park is home to a variety of fascinating cave structures that you can explore in the summer. The Depression-era cave is filled with beautiful crystal quartz and eerie religious statues. On a perfect night on the town, this destination is can produce fun-filled memories that you will never forget. 2. Wiseacre Brewery Summertime gives you the best opportunity to spend with friends and family. However, nothing quite defines friendship like a cold beer at a high-quality brewery. Memphis isn’t known for its beer, but Wiseacre Brewery offers a diverse environment where you can enjoy a drink with friends and spend your summer producing great memories in one of the most vibrant cities in the country. 1. Memphis Zoo Unlike in most cities, the Memphis Zoo is has been consistently ranked as the best zoo in Tennessee. This zoo offers a wide range of exotic animals and exhibits to capture your interest from the time you enter the establishment. For all Tennessee residents with a valid ID, admission on Tuesdays is completely free. That means for no cost at all, you can view everything the Memphis Zoo has to offer with your friends and family.