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Escape Rooms: The Perfect Family Fun Experience In Memphis

Escape Rooms: The Perfect Family Fun Experience In Memphis When planning family fun nights, escape rooms are often overlooked due to them being a newcomer to the Memphis family activities scene. But hey, don’t let that discourage you. After all, traditional Memphis family fun activities such as miniature golf and indoor play zones, though fun for kids are not as exciting for adults. In fact, they often leave you sitting and watching your kids have fun. If you define the perfect night out as a dynamic activity that involves problem-solving, teamwork, and activities that involve the entire family, then escape rooms are something you should consider next time you want a family night out. A Quick Overview Of An Escape Room So what is an escape room, you ask? Well, escape rooms are timed puzzle challenges where your team of 3 or more members much escape in time. And no, don’t worry, even if you don’t escape in time, you aren’t locked in forever! Most escape rooms offer a wide variety of themes and difficulties. For instance, here in Memphis, some of the most popular include Shadow Manor, Parallax and even Grizzlies themed!. Each escape room comes with its own difficulty and theme. For example, Shadow Manor is relatively low in difficulty but is scary (which adds to the challenge more indirectly, especially if you have younger kids), and Parallax has a cyberpunk theme and is much more difficult. Here in Memphis, there are (currently) ten different types of escape rooms, which costs about 20 dollars per person(unless if the establishment offers a family bundle). If the team wins, a group will have their photo taken, followed by the option to buy an “I escaped” t-shirt. Of course, even if you don’t escape in time, you still win, even if you don’t win something physical. You had lots of fun, and there is always next time! So don’t panic if you and your family don’t make it out the first time around. Escape Rooms Get the entire family involved! The key to a fun escape room experience involves puzzles that require the coordinated efforts of 2 or more members. This ensures everyone in your group has a role. For example, some puzzles will require you to split up to solve two different problems simultaneously, such as hitting a timed switch in separate areas. Another example are dexterity challenges that require someone to crawling under an infrared tripwire like in your favorite mission impossible movie, perfect for someone of a smaller stature like your son or daughter. Regardless as to what your strengths may be, there is always a little something for everyone to do in an escape room. Challenging puzzles are a great way to build great teamwork skills by developing strategies on the spot. The Importance of Creating and Achieving Goals Okay, but isn’t the primary goal of an escape room just to escape from the room? Well, yes and no. Regardless as to whether you escaped or not, your family will have a better understanding about who is better at leading the team, and/or who is better at solving word or number puzzles. Maybe dad or mom wasn’t the best leader. Next time, you can let your daughter take the reigns and see if you get out in time. This is an excellent opportunity to let your children learn how to delegate tasks, and taking responsibility for the outcome. Regardless of the outcome, you will develop new strategies and goals for next time. Conclusion Compared to other indoor activities, escape rooms offer much-needed variety to your family night out. Fun, friendly, and full of mystery, Memphis escape rooms especially are a great way to help unleash you and your child’s inner Sherlock while enjoying a night of family-friendly fun.