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Escapology's Escape Rooms Reviews

Escapology's Escape Room Reviews 


Easily considered the most popular escape room out of the bunch, Antidote is an easy, fast-paced adventure escape room that anyone can solve in less than an hour. 

Set in the fictional Nevada Desert in the United States on May 25th, 2015, players are tasked to work together and solve puzzles in order to find the antidote to Dr. Walter Brandt’s virus TS-51. 

Though it is not a hundred percent clear if the game was based on a real-life event, overall, Antidote is a fun game for anyone who either wants to get their feet wet in the escape room world and/or doesn’t have time to enjoy all of the fun, exciting, challenging features that an escape room has to offer. Even our clients enjoy this game very much thanks to our brilliant staff! To the folks wanting to become the next biochemists, this game is definitely for you!  

Cuban Crisis

Based on a real-life event that happened in Havana, Cuba on October 28, 1962, Cuban Crisis is an excellent game for anyone who is either a major US History buff and a Soviet History buff looking for a challenge that is physically, logically, and intellectually intense. 

In this game, players are assigned to escape from a fictional palace owned by Fidel Castro while investigating to see what happened to a shot-down American spy plane. To do that, they must solve various puzzles and riddles within the allotted time of an hour or less. 

Though we cannot vouch if the events in which the game take place in are 100% historically accurate, we can, however, vouch that our clients had a whole lot of fun and found this game an excellent introduction to anyone who enjoys 1960s spy novels and documentaries. So if you’re a fellow Memphian educator and documentary filmmaker, be sure to give this game a try.   

Budapest Express

Loosely based on Agatha Christie’s most famous detective novel, Murder on the Orient Express, Budapest Express is a fun, yet challenging game for anyone who is either a huge fan of Agatha Christie novels and wants to get out of a room that is a little tamer than Antidote or Cuban Crisis. 

In this escape room, players are whisked away on a magical train ride to 
Central Europe, February 25th, 1931. On board the famous trans-European Budapest Express, players are assigned to help out a fictional famous French detective named Karine Peaufiner solve the murder of Sir Clarence Hayden. According to the rules of the game, five suspects have already been chosen, and it is up to the players to decide who the murder is by solving puzzles and other challenges before time runs out. 

Although most Escapology clients were not able to get out of the room on time, overall, they enjoyed Budapest Express very much. 


A new edition to the escape room bunch, Shanghaied is a fun, yet challenging game for anyone who is either interested in East Asian history and culture and is looking for something that is a little less extreme than Antidote or Cuban Crisis in terms of shock value. 

Set in the seas near Hong Kong on December 26, 1848, players are tasked to escape from the Keying ship. While escaping from this ship, players will have to solve various puzzles and riddles. 

So far, not much information is given about Shanghaied from our clients. However, according to one of our clients, “After being Shanghaied, [she] won a free lifetime trip around the world.”

So if you’re interested in challenges and East Asian history, please, please PLEASE give our new room a try! You won’t be disappointed.