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Why Escape Rooms Are the Perfect Place to Host A Mystery Themed Bday Party in Me

Around since the late 2000s, escape rooms are a great place to hold a mystery party(especially at around Halloween time) because they are some of the few places in Memphis that give goers a chance to control whatever it is that they want at a certain venue at reasonable prices(typically, at around $25 per person) without spoiling the fun for anyone else. 

So whether you’re interested in dressing up or solving mysteries in general,  everyone who comes to an escape room is important. And so without further ado folks, get ready to unleash your inner detective as we take a look at the top 3 reasons as to why escape rooms are the perfect place to host a mystery-themed birthday party in Memphis, TN. 

They Are A Great Way to Get Players into Character

In every single escape room that exists throughout the world, the object of the game is to have players solve various puzzles (typically in less than an hour) in order to escape the room. In order to solve those puzzles, players would have to think like a detective by splitting up, searching for clues, and thinking simple.

Suppose that you and your group of five are trapped inside a room that looks very much like a jail cell. You all split up and searched for clues. While one of you finds a map, the rest of you find a combination lock with three spaces and a journal documenting all of the cities where the criminal ran off to. For fifteen minutes, you and your group ponder as to which cities the criminal ran off to and marked those cities using your five index fingers. Altogether, the fingers form a “M” shape, which is one of the letters needed to solve the puzzle.

Meanwhile, mystery dinner theaters are often saturated with cheesy dialogue, precooked food, and stereotypical characters. Altogether, this makes is very difficult for even the most advanced player to be actively engaged in solving the mystery.

Here at Escapology, visitors are tasked to escape from either Antidote, Cuban Crisis, Budapest Express, or Shanghaied by solving various puzzles in less than an hour. So even when they’re not in costume, players can still feel like a detective or a runaway while trying to solve a mystery.

They Provide Players Opportunities to Learn and Gain Problem Solving Experiences 

Compared to most traditional birthday party options, the major draw for escape rooms is involving your witt more than your brawn. Since escape rooms rely on group participation for solving puzzles, there are plenty of roles to go around, ensuring that no one is left out. What makes escape rooms such a fun experience is that regardless as to whether or not your team wins, every experience encountered in the game is a learning experience. 

When compared to mystery dinner theater, which relies so much on cheesy dialogue and forgettable characters, it's hard for all team members to participate in solving the mystery. It’s too easy for those who have read too many mystery books and already know whodunit before the scenario even starts whereas escape rooms are less predictable. 

Imagine this scenario: You and your teammates find yourselves in an empty office room with a flickering light glowing inside.  You have 15 minutes left to escape the room, and you’re all out of hints. You split up and search around the room for clues. So far, the only possible clues that you and your teammates could find are a poster with a connection to Morse code letters attached to the back of the door, and a journal depicting how many times the mystery crime was committed. 

Under normal circumstances, you and your team would be able to figure out the connection between the flickering light and the poster, but since you found the journal earlier, neither of you realized that the journal was a red herring until time ran out. This “crescendo” moment is where escape rooms test the mettle of your team, and become the most exciting.

Here at Escapology, all of our games rely both on good problem-solving skill development and storytelling. So regardless as to whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player, there is always something in our games that is worth looking back at. 

They Have Something For Everyone!

Because escape rooms rely so much on good problem-solving skills and team effort, combined with a good storyline, they are considered more interactive and engaging than mystery dinner parties. Which in turn gives them a little something for the whole family to appreciate about escape rooms.

Here at Escapology, all of our games are based around both logic puzzles and (pseudo) realistic plotlines. So regardless as to whether a player is a beginner player or an advanced player, all of our games such as Cuban Crisis and Shanghaied have something to offer. So if one player happens to be more of a history buff than an actual problem solver, no problem! Regardless as to whether or not a team manages to finish the game, even our most frustrated guests have a good time playing each of our games. 


So what are you waiting for fellow escape room goers? Are you ready to host your next birthday party with either us or any escape room of your choice?  What do you think are some other great reasons as to why you should throw your mystery birthday party at an escape room? Be sure to let us know on Facebook!