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Group Hang?

Group Hang?


Ever have a date that’s going nicely, then suddenly, their friends show up and you’re torn apart by the Group Hang? Group Hangs can be a connection killer, the enemy of romance! But we have the perfect solution, it’s called Group Hang. “Wait, isn’t that exactly what we don’t want?”, we hear you say, let us clear that up for you


In a typical Group Hang, you get separated from the person you want to spend your time with. You are forced to interact with strangers, people you don’t yet care to know. Stop feeling uncomfortable when someone says, “and then they sprooshed all over the place!”, and join in on OUR version of a group hang! What does sprooshed mean anyway?


Group Hangs at Escapology are always fun and exciting, and never, ever include sprooshing. In a Group Hang with us, it’s just you and your group in our always private rooms. While in the room, no waiter is gonna come up and ask you to turn down the volume cus you’re disturbing the other guests. No one will tell you to get a room, cus you’re already in one.


While on your Group Hang with us, you can pick and choose which experience you want. During that experience, you can work on the same puzzles and investigate the same thing your crush is while getting to know them at the same time.


You’ll get to work together with your team moving from room to room searching for clues, solving riddles and puzzles, unlocking locks, opening secret compartments, and much more in an attempt to solve your chosen mystery in 60 minutes or less! Our Group Hangs are team-oriented after all.


As the night progresses during our Group Hangs, if you find that the one you’ve singled out as “the one” isn’t really the personality you thought they were, mix it up, it’s a Group Hang! All you have to do to avoid a night of fake laughs and bad jokes... move on to someone else. See, isn’t a Group Hang at Escapology so much better than being stuck at a restaurant sitting miles away from your “boo”?


Come experience a Group Hang with us! You can Group Hang in person or you can Group Hang remotely, the choice is yours! Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery, and maybe gain a bit of love, in an hour?