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The Psychology Of Game Play: 5 Skill Building Benefits Of Escape Games

“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” - Friedrich Nietzsche Many of today's most successful companies have embraced play as a way to increase everything from creativity to collaboration. Facebook, IDEO, and Google all offer their employees opportunities to paddle a ping pong ball or hit the top score on an office arcade game. If you’re looking to challenge your team, San Diego’s top-rated escape room game, Escapology, is a perfect option. Escape rooms not only represent a healthy distraction from the everyday stress of work, but they also offer additional benefits that can improve your workplace. Before you book, here are five benefits to playing escape games. 1. Enhance Creativity Escape games offer teams an opportunity to creatively employ their problem solving skills. Challenging yourself and others to think outside of the box has a host of benefits that can transition into other areas of life. One of the reasons that innovative companies like Google encourage games and play is because it provides a break from normal routines, which can increase idea generation. 2. Encourage Collaboration Even in settings where collaboration is already in action, encouraging teamwork in a new context can stimulate communication and idea synthesis skills. Injecting a new set of problems in a novel environment can break the routine of employees only collaborating with their own departments. Escape games offer an opportunity to mix and match teams across departments, challenging them to work efficiently with new people. 3. Reduce Stress Recent studies have shown that constant business in the workplace is a leading cause of stress, which actually reduces productivity. In other words, constant task completion does not necessarily improve the overall productivity of the company as a whole. Taking a break and engaging in play reduces stress, increases the ability to focus, and can increase long-term productivity. 4. Build Empathy The team that struggles together stays together. Facing and overcoming challenges as a team helps build empathy. While victories are important, struggling and even failing together can be equally valuable, as it gives team members a chance to express compassion, responsiveness, and appreciation, which can carry over into challenging workplace situations. 5. Increase Motivation Physical movement and problem solving can trigger the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine not only triggers the brain to experience pleasure, but it is also essential for increased motivation. Furthermore, creating a pattern of struggle to success creates a positive connotation, training the brain to incentivize future achievements. Our highly-detailed and unique escape rooms in San Diego, California are a great team building activity or work event. Bring your team to Escapology and enjoy a number of custom perks including: - Free parking - Ability to host up to 18 players per hour - Large comfortable lobby that can be set up for networking and refreshments - Breakfast booking with coffee catering available - Free team photo and wristband - Free wi-fi - Easy access to the boardwalk and beachfront restaurants for post-game events - Convenient online booking - Charismatic and caring staff to help facilitate your event and game needs