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5 Reasons Why Escape Room Games Make The Perfect San Diego Date

Taco tuesdays, long walks on the pier, movies at the mall- you’ve done it all before. Escape to somewhere new with your other half this weekend. San Diego’s award-winning escape room game, Escapology, offers three 60 minute immersive experiences to choose from, while avoiding the cheesiness you might expect from a live action game. Escapology will encourage you and your date to work together to think your way through a maze of mysteries. And, if you and your sweetheart (or prospective sweetheart) manage to escape, you’ll get a nice endorphin boost afterwards. Here are five reasons why you should book a game at Escapology for your next date.

1. You’ll learn how your date’s brain works.
What more of an advantage could you ask for when getting to know someone? Solving puzzles with your special someone will give you insight into the way they think and solve problems. This piece of knowledge might just come in handy if your twosome goes the distance. Sixty minutes spent with your date in Escapology is sure to tell you more about a person than an hour of hanging out at Mission Valley Mall.

2. You’ll learn how to work together as a couple.
The couple who plays together, stays together! In the colder months, it’s hard to get out to the beach for stand up paddle boarding or volleyball. An indoor game like Escapology is the perfect solution. This game will require you and your date to take on complementary roles in order to solve the problems. Will you be the leader? Will your date be a good listener? Will you build off each others’ ideas to make it to the next challenge? When you think about it, this is cheaper than couples therapy!

3. You’ll have an excuse to get close to them.
Capture the feeling of those first few dates and lean in a little closer when reading your clues. You’ll have a perfect excuse to look over their shoulder and grab your date by the hand as you work through this labyrinth of curiosity.

4. It’s more memorable than a “normal” date.
Seriously, how often does someone take you out to an escape room? It’s more unique than trying out the latest sour/hoppy/infused beer at the million and one breweries that line San Diego these days. Whether or not your relationship makes it through the years, you’ll always have the memory of this unexpected experience.

5. It’s more affordable than dinner and a movie.
What’s more fun than being the star of your own thriller? Why spend money to sit in silence during a movie and run the risk of awkward pauses at the dinner table? During the entire escape room game, you’ll have endless prompts keep the conversation flowing. And, if you are hungry afterwards there are tons of nearby restaurants to match your appetite.

Book your date night at Escapology here, call their awesome team on (858) 412-5914 with any questions you might have. With free parking, nearby access to the beach, and tons of nearby bars and restaurants, we think Escapology is perfect for your next date night.