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Hall of Fame

Top 3

01.Team Pups and Handlers434:432
02.Team Threat Level 12:01AM135:132
03.Team Xusivs538:082

Best of the rest

04.Team Carton239:521
05.Team Bruce P342:163
06.Team Jacob G442:202
07.Team Motion643:142
08.Team Road Runners443:211
09.Team Playing in Traffic444:402
10.Team Just Kayla245:403
11.Team Coopers246:393
12.Team Gutierrez246:412
13.Team Cat146:492
14.Team Sunny Trio346:540
15.Team collaborate 347:373
16.Team Fallen Stars447:383
17.Team Sizzle Sisters447:563
18.Team Haley D448:033
19.Team Investigators248:053
20.Team Chewnut248:063
21.Team A Team448:262
22.Team Crucible148:273
23.Team Rifters148:422
24.Team Spartan Sleuths649:042
25.Team The Escape Goats449:093
26.Team Brice and Presley149:182
27.Team Rachel W249:213
28.Team Cashmo149:262
29.Team Dumb Dumb and Dumber749:290
30.Team Scooter Dudes449:304
31.Team The Morgans349:362
32.Team That is what she said 349:432
33.Team Fam349:473
34.Team Gimme A Big FaT Break350:012
35.Team (Dis)Functional Family650:122
36.Team Jacat250:171
37.Team Skadoosh550:230
38.Team Bean Team 550:262
39.Team Yara550:392
40.Team Mongoose450:400
41.Team Cos450:491
42.Team Kelly F150:562
43.Team Julias651:002
44.Team Escapadelphia651:062
45.Team Positive351:092
46.Team Reigning Champions151:114
47.Team Bumblers451:114
48.Team Minion251:154
49.Team Power Rangers251:322
50.Team Bloey251:443
51.Team Winners351:473
52.Team Screamers751:514
53.Team Overpowered151:562
54.Team Grave Diggers 352:002
55.Team Muffintops452:022
56.Team David652:093
57.Team Steve's Angels652:291
58.Team Kyle R352:423
59.Team L^2252:544
60.Team The Singers252:573
61.Team Utot253:001
62.Team Sir Come Sized153:272
63.Team 3 Plus !353:312
64.Team Out in Rounc Rock553:523
65.Team Kate F253:542
66.Team Jenny A354:022
67.Team Anonymous Dimples154:193
68.Team Ramrod354:223
69.Team Sibs554:403
70.Team Meat Juice154:402
71.Team Double Date Daddies454:483
72.Team Dream Team254:593
73.Team Kory K355:052
74.Team Chaotic Nerds655:095
75.Team Sherby's Crew255:143
76.Team The Becks655:173
77.Team Winners355:183
78.Team Inside Whiskey255:284
79.Team Jeremy 455:403
80.Team Bark Park456:152
81.Team Kamea356:153
82.Team Happy Bday Gretchin656:195
83.Team Club Galacticore 4000456:204
84.Team Pokemon156:274
85.Team Free Will256:273
86.Team Curse Breakers456:293
87.Team Something Weird 156:294
88.Team Lindsey456:343
89.Team Tolga H256:483
90.Team Vivaldi256:523
91.Team Emily's Warriors456:522
92.Team Brunch456:543
93.Team Protestants456:552
94.Team Heidi's Gang657:041
95.Team Mia257:063
96.Team Insomniacs557:123
97.Team Stephanie D157:173
98.Team Maddy257:205
99.Team Parkers257:273
100.Team Angie A157:291