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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Kat M428:341
02.Team Pelicans433:323
03.Team Jessica D333:492

Best of the rest

04.Gramps and the kids434:082
05.Team SALT434:521
06.Team Double Trouble The only good ones635:010
07.Team Rizzo636:130
08.Medaling Kids236:230
09.Ally Et Al436:362
10.Team Dayna S737:342
11.The Andersons237:411
12.The ECU737:540
13.Shaggy and Friends638:030
15.Team Erin F238:231
17.The Gang438:341
18.The Scooby-Dooers438:380
20.Rosevilles Finest939:130
21.Mystery INC.339:592
22.Team James D840:020
23.Team RUH-roh440:130
24.Jimmy McGill240:271
25.Team Diane K540:371
26.Olive Garden240:460
27.Team Karen C440:562
28.Busch’s Baked Beans441:211
29.Mystery gang641:242
30.Team Alison T542:121
32.Team Jade K442:322
33.Meddling kids642:400
34.Jr’s Angels443:171
35.Team Natalie G443:321
36.Team Erin D443:512
37.Birthday girls243:532
38.The spuds244:021
39.Team Bailee L444:321
40.Cornballs PT2544:422
41.Team Nicole S645:000
42.The CREW845:011
43.STOP YELLING 345:183
44.The 6 Hopes645:221
45.Team Lydia C446:210
46.Team 415646:333
47.Team Jason T247:002
48.Dr Jre247:051
49.Team Carly H347:071
50.Mystery inc. MICH 547:132
51.The imposters247:192
52.We Win!!147:190
53.Team Best747:251
54.Team Cold Smoke447:290
55.The superpowers247:303
56.Medaling kids647:490
57.Team Angela H647:521
58.Powerpuff girls plus 1447:572
59.Team Brandon J448:003
60.Riki really And The Booty Boiz548:000
61.Team Paige F548:070
62.Scooby Snacks348:212
63.Team Richard M448:212
64.Team Christina n248:240
65.Team Jake G848:492
66.Smoothie fam248:502
67.UNTUCKED LEGO 849:002
68.Federal budget 149:020
70.Team Gumbo449:100
71.Team Emily’s Birthday849:107
73.F them kids549:312
74.Scrappy Dooby Doo’s349:322
75.Spooky sal849:500
77.Team clem650:001
78.Team Kyle D650:261
79.Girl power350:300
80.The Rangers551:001
81.TEAM STELLA!!!!551:003
82.Team Bethany A751:001
83.The fam bam851:052
84.The Slisinger’s251:081
85.Cermet’s gang851:091
86.NATTY BOUND151:122
87.The Neighbors351:161
88.The investigators651:321
89.Team Nichole H451:453
90.Team Strnad651:460
91.Team Allison S551:482
92.Team Vanessa W251:520
93.Horrible Honchos 651:592
94.Team Stan B452:000
95.Team meddling kids652:002
96.Team Kirstin W352:020
98.Team Keegan T452:111
99.Team Chewie252:312
100.Bad To The Bone452:352