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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Meddling Kids320:310
02.Escape the Jews533:033
03.A Team minus Jen333:091

Best of the rest

04.Frosties 536:071
05.Rosie O537:520
06.Brady and the ladys638:103
07.The Huies238:482
09.Smarty pants439:003
10.Team Laura R539:190
11.Hot Kittiez439:222
12.Goblin Squad639:340
13.Team 240:000
14.Carter Craziness 240:001
15.Hamburger University 540:090
17.Team Purple Haze440:571
18.Team Pillowing441:210
19.Team Kevin 241:491
20.Pem 15541:500
21.Scooby Squad342:001
22.Black & Grey442:151
24.Team Norman442:390
25.Threat Level Midnight 442:421
26.Scooby Snacks242:530
27.Gab and Crew645:000
28.Nemesis 545:230
29.Team Picard249:560
30.Team Nicole 250:561
31.Team 254:063
32.K and M259:590
33.Team Marnie259:593
34.Team Kenny 159:590
35.Team Lindsay G260:002