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Salón de la Fama

Scooby-Doo y la aventura del Castillo Espantooso Tabla de clasificación

Primeros 3

01.Team Nufers131:460
02.NOT FUNNY????????????135:251
03.Team Emma M339:300

Lo mejor del resto

05.Lusty Ladies241:560
06.Big Guys742:390
07.We Showed Up242:400
09.Rice and Beans243:341
10.Team Bob Ross and Sloshed843:400
11.Team Genius 144:272
12.Quad Squad444:541
13.Team Tristan H345:113
14.Team Jared M345:442
15.Meddling Kids645:580
16.Team Jonathn Z846:082
17.Dirty mike and the boys446:211
18.Don’t Tell Anybody 346:361
19.G Team547:170
20.Crisco and Ferret 147:342
22.Team mystery gang 247:490
23.Team snacks648:172
24.Team Kathryn L148:192
25.Team Shirelle448:351
26.The ROAR Sisters250:230
27.Team Going postal550:432
28.Team Sabrina S451:213
29.Team Victoriously Victorious and Gang351:482
30.Nauseous piranha 451:553
31.Polymorphic Dragons351:551
32.Team Toxic552:332
33.sawtooth barbell552:340
34.Team Kent P653:021
35.Team Leah Z553:232
36.Team Moo254:302
38.Team Amanda S354:401
39.Team David K Scooby1054:412
40.Team Melissa B354:561
43.Team Matthew455:562
44.Mystery inc.456:352
45.The Vargisons856:542
46.Team Spooky Scary Skeletons 556:541
47.Team Kaiser Permanente757:133
48.Team Eric and Maddy 357:143
50.Team Outcasts457:363
51.Team Eck258:033
52.Team Jane And Fi258:203
53.Team kelly h658:423
54.Team angie H258:533
55.Team Courtney S259:183
56.Team Rome259:412
57.Team Edouard C359:412
58.Scooby snacks459:412
59.Team Texas659:592
60.Little Monsters459:592
61.sasha the great260:003
62.Joey’s first try360:002
63.Team Asela S360:002
64.Team Tiffany S260:594
65.Team Tristate461:004
66.Jonathan 7261:494
67.The gang863:024