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Escape Games

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Of the 4 escape rooms my family has visited together, this one seemed the best put together. The clues had a nice flow to them, and the rooms were not impossible, but challenging enough to require team work! I highly reccomend this location!


Amazing experience, I design puzzles as part of a hobby but this was still a fantastic challenge. Reasonable priced, and even accommodated my walk in... 6/5 stars. I will be back to try the other rooms!!!!


Squeezed this escape room in between soccer games at a tournament... [it's] a great way to spend an hour between games and be together as a family.


Pretty cool outing for groups of people to have a fun time trying to solve complex puzzles to escape a series of rooms. Enjoyed it and the staff was helpful.

ESCAPOLOGY AUSTIN is OPEN for Business. Social distancing and additional health precautions such as the wearing of face coverings have been implemented to ensure the safety of our customers. Groups will be limited to 6 players and groups will be separated by 30 minutes to ensure no interaction. Every game room will be thoroughly sanitized between games.

ESCAPOLOGY is Austin's premium "private room" real life escape game experience! Located just a few miles from downtown Austin in Round Rock, Texas. You will never have to play with strangers when you book with us, so why not get a group of friends together to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock doors leading to your escape! Do you have what it takes?

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