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How Do You Play?

Escapology is for everyone and no two people are alike. But according to your highly qualified team of experts (it's true, they told us so themselves), everyone will fall into one of the following personality types...

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The Magnificent 7


The Thinker

The thinker works alone and thinks they're the clever one in the group. Not too keen on the physical challenges, they like mental puzzles that challenge the brain. They wish others would get with the task rather than making so much noise.

The Entertainer

Loves to be center of attention and leaves no stone unturned looking for absolutely anything that might help! Has been known to lose vital clues or puzzle pieces and may occasionally be a little impatient. The entertainer loves building stuff so anything physical is right up their street!


The Communicator

Can't stop talking - or even shouting. Needs to make sure clear instructions are given to everyone (constantly) and lets everyone know what they're doing too. The communicator is often the first (and loudest) out of the room in the event of a successful escape!

The Observer

Loves to stand back and see things that others don't see. Will occasionally give you 'that look' that suggests you might be wasting your time! Great at spotting color sequences and finding hidden codes through patience and perseverance.


The Organiser

Makes sure that everyone, and everything is organized. Keeps everything neat and tidy and works though puzzles in a methodical and logical manner. Can often be found saying 'no , no, no!' to the entertainer...

The Caretaker

The caretaker likes to look after people and just wants everyone to have a great time. They're in no rush to escape, they care more about everyone's welfare and will quietly give encouragement to others as they do all the hard work!


The Navigator

Navigators are rare but talented and useful to have in the team. They know where they're going and know how to get there but can be dismissive of the contributions of others. Do as they say or expect to be walked all over!