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Private Adventure

Locked In | Crack Codes | Solve Puzzles | Escape

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Private Escape Games

Choose your team, Choose your private room, Make your escape

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One of our group members went to the wrong one. And they were wonderful and very patient with our group. They were very understanding and the staff was wonderful throughout! Highly recommend


Our game, Antidote, was very well thought out; a great challenge without being overwhelming. Samantha, our Game-master, and the rest of the staff were phenomenal. We’re looking forward to going back in a few weeks to try the Budapest Express murder myster


My family and I had a great time working together to solve the clues and escape. The stories and rooms are unique and very well done! Antidote & Cod3 were challenging and fun! Staff is great! Use your hints wisely! We will be returning for more adventure


Amazing, challenging room. Very kind workers. Fancy couches.

Escapology Fort Wayne, the live escape game, conveniently located in a prime spot near Dupont & I-69. Come Escape the Room in any of our Private Experience, Family-Friendly themed rooms. These top-rated escape games challenge 2 to 8 players to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks that will free them from the game room. Do you have what it takes? Time is of the essence!

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