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What the Heck is an Escape Room and 7 Other Frequently Asked Questions About Escape Rooms

Maybe you have seen us online, driven past our building on your way to work, or maybe your friend played an escape room before and mentioned that “you have to try it”. There are several questions and myths that surround escape rooms, and we’re here to answer those questions and debunk those myths for you! What is an escape room? The basic idea is that you are placed in a room with a storyline, and you will use clues to help solve puzzles, which will open locks, ultimately allowing you to “escape” the room. The challenge is that you are typically given only one hour to complete this task. The common misconception is that you are always running from, or escaping something bad. While storylines like that do make great escape rooms, not all escape rooms are like that. You may need to solve a murder onboard the Budapest Express, or Save the world from Nuclear War in Fidel Castro's office (like in Cuban Crisis) or Figure out who sabotaged a sinking WW2 Submarine in Under Pressure! What ages can play escape rooms? For our rooms, we typically recommend 7 and up. We have had some great families who end up playing all of our rooms because it is a great time where everyone puts their phones away and they actually communicate and work together. Are escape rooms scary? While we cannot speak for every escape room, we can speak for our own company. We do not have any scary escape rooms. Do I need to be athletic or physically strong to complete an escape room? Not at all! One of our favorite things about escape rooms is that athletic ability and strength will not help you. What happens if I don’t escape? Everyone leaves the room after one hour, but not everyone completes the room after one hour. However, if you did not get a chance to see all the puzzles in our room, we are happy to show you the rest of the puzzles and solutions before you leave! How many people can play an escape room? This is a great question. This varies based on the company that you are playing with, however, our rooms allow for 2-8 people to play, per room. We are private only as well so we never pair you up with strangers! AND our lounge is BYOB! Do you need any prior knowledge? Not at all! This is one of the fun things about escape rooms, everything you need to complete the room is already there for you! What do I need to wear to an escape room? You can wear whatever you would like, we do however recommend comfortable shoes and clothing that does not impede your gameplay. So there you have it, the most common questions we hear, and our answers. Would you be willing to give it a try? 908-232-2222 [email protected]