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Hall of Fame

Antidote Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Jatie221:350
02.Team Twinning822:220
03.Team Core Four524:461

Best of the rest

04.Team Doc brown 22IB425:120
05.Team Troutt Plus One525:531
06.Team CAD Scientists126:361
07.Team Nittany Lions426:391
08.Team Mitchell526:540
10.Team Awesome 229:251
11.Team Garsalicke629:362
12.Team TM Work229:523
13.Team Self doubt 230:000
14.Team Phlbtr430:041
15.Team Gold Team Rules 130:133
16.Team Never on a Key Ring230:310
17.Team Fail Code430:403
18.Team Hailey 330:412
19.Team Tracy & Amaury230:422
20.Team Desiree B731:181
21.Team Mosier 631:293
22.Team Pandas631:310
23.Team Meerkat431:500
24.Team PJs In PJs732:031
25.Team The squad432:112
26.Team Watson Winners132:261
27.Team I Do Crew132:432
28.Team Shake and Bake232:452
30.Team Soup or Squad 333:240
31.Team Chayla433:300
32.North Side Swans433:300
33.Team Redemption133:342
34.Team Escape Artist233:351
35.Team Too fast 433:443
36.Team DC Universe533:511
37.Team Jet533:581
38.Team Adams family633:581
39.Team Young133:590
40.Team Jeff 434:042
41.Team Square Spouse434:160
42.Team Lakeland title134:273
43.Team Annalee 434:272
44.Team YAAAS434:303
45.The Abbott Family634:350
46.Team Rachel 334:402
47.Team Raysin234:411
48.Team W334:450
49.Team Barley Made It435:040
50.Team The Casual Idiots 435:051
51.Team Sara235:142
52.Team The Backyardigans 335:153
53.Team Kalee 635:250
54.Team Peeps 135:284
55.Team Wells and company635:301
56.Team Wagner635:302
57.Team T-25135:322
58.Team Tonyisms735:402
59.Team Toxic535:472
60.Team Suprise 135:531
61.Team Sibling Rivalry 636:003
62.Team Legacy 901836:031
63.Team Stay Golden636:062
64.Team Freedom136:141
65.Team Staf 436:222
66.Dream Team 436:433
67.Team CODAHB836:442
68.Team The cape crusaders 236:452
69.Team Justo436:553
70.Team The Ducks236:571
71.Team Cards437:033
72.Team Awesome Sauced537:052
73.Team Jarrvy’s Junkies837:081
74.Team Miller/Pion537:092
75.Team 437:122
76.Team Krystle 237:142
77.Team Nasty nineteen 337:182
78.Team Ariel237:243
79.Team Snappers537:301
80.Team Wet denim537:363
81.Team Jason 137:393
82.Team Jay K437:432
83.Team Holidays Hams537:532
84.Team Kristal337:532
85.Team Beanbag Boyz437:572
86.Team 1413237:583
87.Team Lifetime Smiles537:591
88.Team AC cubed 838:022
89.Team Martin STEM138:033
90.Team Shameless538:042
91.Team We Did A Thing638:093
92.Team Not Fast Just Furious238:123
93.Team Dragon roll438:191
94.Team Needs338:201
95.Super High Intensity Team638:211
96.Team Ramrod838:373
97.Team Inescapeables338:382
98.Team STILLY338:442
99.Team Drugs438:502
100.Team Antidontmesswithus638:503