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Lock Tips

Our escape rooms use a variety of locks, codes, and puzzles to keep things varied and challenging as you navigate our games! Understanding what sort of challenges you’ll be in for can help you prepare for an escape game, but your Game Master will always be there to help if you get really stuck.

Whenever you come across a lock or puzzle, keep a note of what is required to open it. If you know you’re looking for a four-digit code or an old-fashioned key for example, you might have an easier time finding them than if you’re just looking for anything that might be useful. 

Working backwards from the locks can be a particularly useful method once you think you’ve hit a dead-end, but be sure to note down anything you think could be a code that you come across as you may be just around the corner from uncovering the corresponding puzzle or lock. 

If you really feel like you’re at a dead-end, be sure to ask your Game Master for a hint. It’s much more important to enjoy your escape experience than getting out without any help!


Key Locks

The simplest kind of lock, just find the key somewhere in the room, insert it and give it a turn. Bear in mind the key may be behind a different kind of lock somewhere else, so you may need to revisit it later on.


Combination Padlocks

An escape room staple requiring a series of digits to unlock. A similar premise applies to opening safes if you come across them in your room, so make a note of any numerical sequences you find around the room that fit the required number of digits. 


False Locks

Using the wonder of magnetic cabinetry, a door can look heavily locked but might actually swing right open with just a simple press, releasing the magnet.


Password Locks

Some locks may require the entry of a password. Take a close look at any literature you can find. Are there any letters or words missing or distorted? Could the password be the answer to a riddle? Or something ingrained in the backstory, like the name of a character’s loved one?

Be sure to stay organized! If you find any physical keys or potential codes and passwords, make sure you keep them somewhere visible and don’t lose them. Maybe even delegate the job of organizing clues to a member of your escape team, as being well organized will help your escape!

Also, if your code isn’t correct or the key doesn’t fit properly, please don’t try and force things. Our rooms are hard to escape but not indestructible, and it would be a terrible shame to have to temporarily close games because somebody has broken an essential prop.

We won’t give away all of our secrets though, as surprises are part of the fun!