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Virtual team building for groups of up to 75

Virtual team building for groups of up to 75

You may have seen our previous blog in which we discuss the importance of team building, and why Escapology Escape Rooms are the perfect team building activity, helping your team to develop key skills including teamwork and communication. Most importantly, our games are fun and challenging for players of all ages! 

Sadly it hasn’t been possible for all employers to undertake team building exercises in the past year and a half, with the pandemic keeping many teams physically apart. Just as the pandemic has seen a boom in home-working, we have innovated accordingly with Escapology @Home which brings people together for exhilarating escapes no matter where they are! The possibilities are almost endless; team up with colleagues based in other cities and overseas, or go head to head to see who can escape the fastest! 

We can cater to virtual team building experiences for up to 75 players, with larger groups being split up into competing teams racing to escape first.

Our @Home product gives you remote access to our richly immersive escape game experiences, with one of our friendly game masters on location acting as your eyes, ears and hands in the room, following your instructions to escape the room. 

It could hardly be easier to take part, all you need is a good internet connection and your escape experience can be booked online with just a few clicks! Simply choose one of our four most popular escape games, and select a time that suits all of your team members! You have the pick of four all-time Escapology favourites to try and escape with your teammates.

In TH3 C0D3 your team are framed by an infamous hacker for the biggest crime in American history, and work to escape the source of a massive cyber heist moments before it takes place. 

Antidote sees you race to save yourselves and the rest of the world from the devastation of an artificial virus from within a top-secret laboratory.

Riding the Budapest Express, you must catch a murderer on the train before they get their hands on you first!

Finally, your team is trapped on board the US Navy’s sabotaged Steel Shark submarine, crashed at the seabed with pressure rising and only 60 minutes of oxygen remaining in Under Pressure!

Whichever game you choose, your team is guaranteed an exhilarating hour filled with puzzles, mysteries and hidden clues! Will your team manage to escape, and will anyone emerge as the hero?

Book your virtual team building experience with Escapology today!