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Cheers To You, Mr. Weaver

Every employer one day hopes to have someone on their team who will constantly go above and beyond for their company. Since November 2015, Escapology has had just that, and that person’s name is James Weaver. In his near 3 years at Escapology, it didn’t matter if he was a Game Master, an Assistant Manager, or as Franchise Support, he has given it his all and has never stopped in his efforts to help Escapology become the best escape room brand around the world.

Since early 2017, James has become our very own world traveler. As we grow and continue to open franchises across the United States and around the world, we’ve sent James to nearly half of our currently opened locations to help prepare them for their grand openings. Having worked with James over the years as a Game Master at the Orlando venue, and in a corporate role in HQ, I’ll tell you from personal experience that he is always someone to count on. And as many of our franchisees have seen through training, James is someone we are proud to have represent the Escapology brand purely based on his knowledge of escape games, our brand, and overall friendly personality.

With that, sometimes life presents us with opportunities that are just too good to pass up. Which is why it saddens us to say that very soon James will be leaving us at Escapology HQ to become the new General Manager of our franchise in Dubai, UAE. This is a huge step for him, but one we believe he will love every minute of. So from all of us in HQ, thank you for your many years of service James, and good luck in Dubai! 

Written by: Eric Child