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Welcome to Escapology Fort Wayne! We are a family friendly private escape room experience located on Dupont near I-69. We will have five escape rooms with unique themes- Antidote,  Budapest Express, Th3 Cod3, and Shanghaied. For the first time in Fort Wayne, you will be able to race a group of friends as we'll have "dueling" Antidote escape rooms- prove which group of friends are smarter once and for all! Men vs Women? Kids vs Adults? Nurses vs Doctors? 

We've finally been granted approval by the State of Indiana to start buliding out our venue. It's been a long process- one that started in July 2018. We've overcome some occupancy challenges and now can't wait to get started! 

Our anticipated Grand Opening will be sometime in January 2019. Once we have determined a date we'll post it here and on social media.