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I was skeptical and only went because my family wanted to. I gotta say, I LOVED IT!!! Had an awesome time. Great experience. Super fun. Terrific establishment. Can’t wait to go back. I will highly recommend to everyone.


This was so ridiculously fun we came back a day later. We did three rooms, escaped them all, and had a grand time. It was four guys for a bachelor party, and we had so much fun, and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Amazing escape room! I’ve played at more than 15 different brands/locations of escape games, and this one is a top competitor! I played both Murder Mansion and Budapest Express and they were both so well decorated and had puzzles that matched the theme.

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Las Vegas' premium real life escape game experience. Play in private teams of 2-6 players in exciting games and search carefully for clues, solve puzzles and try to escape within 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes?

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