Escapology Montgomery Coming Soon

Two of the nation’s hottest entertainment trends are headed to downtown Montgomery in a big way, part of a high-tech, $750,000 makeover to a warehouse space in the city’s entertainment district. It’ll be the newest location of Escapology, an Orlando-based chain that specializes in elaborately designed, film set-quality escape rooms and movie-style scenarios. There are Escapology locations in Austin, Texas, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, San Diego and more. But local owner TJ Williford said the 130 Commerce St. spot next to Sa Za Italian restaurant in Montgomery is going to be one of the most comprehensive in the chain, and one of the biggest escape-themed attractions in the nation. He’s also planning to include a virtual reality arcade where people can try VR experiences like flight and racing simulators, futuristic games and more. Williford said that portion of the building will be separated off, with a flat entry fee. “The VR is kind of dessert,” he said. In this case, the main course is the escape experience, and it’s a beefy one. Guests enter a modern lobby with steampunk-inspired touches and a time-traveling feel. Then a personal host called a “Game Master” leads each group of two to eight people into a briefing before they get started. In one scenario, the door opens and the group walks onto a train car in 1931 Budapest, where they must solve a murder as train seems to move through a nighttime snowstorm. Another places the group in 1881 Tombstone, Ariz., and tasks them with hunting down an outlaw. Another asks them to infiltrate Fidel Castro’s palace during the Cuban missile crisis. The Montgomery location will have six scenarios in all, each lasting about an hour. Williford doesn’t have prices set yet, but he said the cost will be comparable to other escape attractions. Escape destination Breakout Montgomery has gained a following since opening off Taylor Road in east Montgomery. It offers four scenarios, with prices ranging from about $25 to about $200 depending on the number of players. One of the most common complaints during the redevelopment of downtown Montgomery has been the limited number of nighttime and weekend entertainment venues, beyond restaurants and bars. Williford said he Escapology’s scenarios aren’t gory or “Halloweeny” and can fit the bill for a wide range of people, from a night out for young professionals to team-building exercises for convention-goers staying at the Renaissance Hotel next door. “It’s going to give people who are spending two or three nights in Montgomery something to do,” Williford said. He expects the location to open this spring. It’ll have about 20 employees. You can see more at Read full article