6 Secrets Escapology DOES NOT want you to know! #5 Will Shock You!

6 Secrets Escapology DOES NOT want you to know! #5 Will Shock You!

#1 “Cocaine” was everywhere!

Day one of working on Narco, our creative designer had accidentally got prop cocaine (aka flour) all over himself and the office. It was a funny sight to walk in to, fake money and fake cocaine all over the office, we were worried the UPS guy was going to Narc us out!


#2 One of Our Villians Was a Huge Wrestling Fan!

If you have played TH3 C0D3 and you are a wrestling fan you might have noticed two familiar names in the game. On Nitro’s Routers is a bunch of female names that he refers to them as, you might notice Lita, who is a WWE Hall of Famer. Nitro’s Name was also inspired by WCW Monday Night Nitro, which was Nitro’s favorite show growing up.

Wrestling Easter Eggs

#3 Escapology Gave Hints of New Games Before Names Were Released Publically

Yet another secret in TH3 C0D3, if you remember playing this game you would have noticed some Iconic posters of celebrities, one in particular had nothing to do with the game HOWEVER was a very sneaky way to let you know about the game that was next, it was David Bowie and the Game was...Yes, you guessed it - Under Pressure!

Clever Foreshadowing

#4 Escapology Orlando has something under the rug!

If you visit Escapology Orlando, once you open the door, you will see an “Escapology” floor welcome mat, if you were to pull up the mat, you’ll see what company used the building before us! Trust us it’s a big name.

Welcome Mat

#5 It’s pronounced Escape-ology not Es-ka-pology

In our older games if you listen to the briefing video you will notice the narrator say Es-ka-pology and game masters then get asked the famous question…”How is it pronounced?” We will answer “It’s Escape-ology, it’s only because the narrator is english that he pronounced it the way he did”


#6 TSA and shipping companies hate us!

Now they probably don’t actually hate us, however since we have so many Franchises all over the world, sometimes we send them props. Certain ones like body bags, passports to other countries, blocks of cocaine, vials of blood, are not very easy to ship

Package is on it’s way