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So You're A Bit Puzzled?

Never tried an escape room before? We’ve got you covered on everything you need to know before setting foot into one of our awesome escape games.

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What is Escapology?

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Escapology is the world’s fastest-growing escape room franchise. In our escape games, your team of up to 8 players will complete a specific mission in a fully themed room. During your thrilling 60-minute experience, you’ll be immersed in a real-life adventure with fun surprises around every corner. Coming to Escapology means finding hidden clues, cracking codes, solving challenging puzzles…and escaping before the clock runs out!

How long will the experience last?

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You’ll want to allow 90 minutes for your entire experience at Escapology. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. The game itself lasts 60 minutes (though you might escape sooner than that)! After time runs out, your dedicated Game Master will debrief your team and take a complimentary group photo.

What skills do I need to play?

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Our games are designed with the assumption that all players understand written and spoken English. No other special skills or knowledge are required to play…and win!

May I leave the room in the middle of the game?

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For a fully immersive experience, we recommend that you remain in the room until you escape - but we understand that you may need to use the bathroom or exit the room for another reason. For safety’s sake, all our rooms stay unlocked throughout every game. In the unlikely event of an emergency, you are free to exit at any time.

What if we need help during the game?

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You can ask your dedicated Game Master for as many hints as you need. They’ll be carefully monitoring your group’s progress from our Control Room.

May I book a large group or a private event?

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Absolutely! Escapology is great for large groups, holiday parties, birthday parties, team building events and more! Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor our event packages to your group’s needs.

How do I book a game?

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Click the BOOK NOW button from anywhere on our site to select your nearest Escapology location. You’ll be directed to that location’s list of games. From there, it’s easy to choose and book your escape room.

What if I arrive late?

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As a courtesy to all Escapologists, our games start exactly at their published time. If you arrive late, you can still play for the time remaining in your scheduled 60 minutes. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your game time so you can check in and get set up for your game in plenty of time. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds due to late arrivals.

Are cell phones allowed?

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You’re welcome to use your cell phone in our lobby during the check-in process. Once it gets close to game time, we’ll provide you with a secure place to store your phones while you play. To keep our games fun for everyone, cell phones, electronic devices, and other outside tools are strictly prohibited in the escape rooms.

Will we really be locked in the room?

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No. For everyone’s safety, our escape rooms always remain unlocked. That said, our 5-star rooms are so fantastically immersive that you might feel like you’re really locked in. Just know that you’re free to step out at any time.

Are your games accessible to players with disabilities?

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Yes. Escapology is proud to provide an experience where everyone can play—and win! Depending on your choice of game, some players may benefit from assistance with certain puzzles. Please contact us with any accessibility-related questions or requests.

Is there a dress code?

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Come (play) as you are! So you can fully focus on the fun, we do recommend—but don’t require—comfortable clothing and footwear.

How do Escapology gift cards and vouchers work?

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Gift cards are valid at the venue where the card was purchased for 1 year, starting from the date of purchase. To redeem your gift card, please call the venue or visit their site.

I have a discount coupon book and my code doesn't seem to work?

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Our business conditions have changed significantly since the pandemic. We are unable to honor some printed specials and coupons that are still in circulation exactly as they were then published. If you are interested in using a printed coupon and the code is not working, please email us with the code you are trying to use at [email protected] and we will provide the best current discount available based on our current games and packages.

Are the rooms scary? Is it anything like the movie SAW?

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No. Our rooms are engaging, and immersive, but not scary. We will never blindfold you or turn off the lights. There are no jump scares, although there are a few surprises along the way.

What is the minimum age?

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Without an adult in the room, we recommend players be at least 12 due to the reasoning and logic skills required for some of the puzzles. All our rooms are "PG" rated, so there are no issues with content being inappropriate. Children of all ages can play with adults. We do not charge for children under 8 playing with parents. Saving Santa is no charge for children under 6 playing with parent.

Are your rooms handicap accessible?

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Floors are level and doors are 36" wide. You are never required to crawl or jump to complete the room. The last room of Mayday is an airplane cockpit and is not wheelchair accessible beyond the initial entry. Some furniture in the rooms can make it difficult to access all areas, and some items may be hidden up high or on the floor. If you make us aware before the game of any limitations we can stage the room to accommodate. Extra chairs are also available for anyone unable to stand for the duration of the game. The entrance to our building has a ramp, so there is no need to climb stairs. Some of our most successful teams are multi-generational, where each person uses their talents at different moments in the game.

What is your cancellation policy?

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We regret that tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase. We may be able to change your game to an alternative slot or provide credit for a future game. 24 hours notice is required. Please call the venue for more details.

Where can I park?

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There are 17 spaces directly around the building, and over 100 spaces behind Miyo's that are part of our complex and available to customers for parking. Additional metered spaces are on Lady Street. Metered spaces are free after 5PM. If none of those options are available, The Lincoln Street Parking Deck is less than 1/4 mile away and accepts credit cards.