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Columbia's premier escape game offers an exciting, unique and challenging experience. Teams of 2-6 players race against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles, and decode the locks to escape the adventure game room within 60 minutes!

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Standard Escape Experience

$29.99 per person

Minimum 2 Players, maximum 50

All escape games are private bookings, which means the room is exclusive to your group and you will not be combined with strangers.

Every game includes a free Escapology wristband, bottled water, and a complimentary team photo.

If you have a group of 9 or more we will handle your booking personally for you and match the online booking price.

Please note games will start according to the published schedule, with staggered starts for groups of 6 people at a time. Email [email protected] for information and booking.

VIP Escape Experience

$41.99 per person

Minimum 2 Players, maximum 50

Enjoy a VIP escape experience at Escapology. In addition to everything included in the Standard Escape Experience, groups will have all games start at the same time, and not according to our normal staggered schedule. Email [email protected] for information and booking.


Reserve private meeting rooms and escape games for groups of up to 32 players!

Minimum 6 Players, maximum 32

Celebration Package $249 for up to 6 players
Price includes a Standard Escape Experience for each person, two Mellow Mushroom pizzas for the group (one cheese and one pepperoni), drinks, and a pull apart cupcake birthday cake for up to 6 players. Additional players are priced at $42 per person. No outside food or drinks allowed.

Team Package $599 for up to 16 people
Price includes a VIP Escape Experience - any two rooms will start at the same time, as well as private use of our "Sprocket" conference room and adjacent seating area. Catering available.

Group Package $999 for up to 32 people
Price includes a VIP Escape Experience - all rooms will start at the same time, as well as private use of our "Watson" conference room and front lobby. Catering available.

Venue Buyout

Options from 2 to 8 hours. Exclusive use from $1,999 to $5,999

Minimum 2 Players, maximum 100

Exclusive use of our amazing venue! Perfect for large corporate events any time of the day. Your group will have access to all EIGHT escape game rooms as well as our sophisticated lobby space, and three conference rooms. Depending on availability, you may also have a chance to play the Hot Seat.

Catering is available from Mellow Mushroom, Carolina Ale House, and more.

Can be combined with our Professional Development Packages or Observation Package as well. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Professional Development

We partner Northstar Leadership Consulting to build better individuals, teams, and organizations.

Minimum 4 Players, maximum 32

Escapology is proud to partner with Northstar Leadership Consulting to help people become leaders worth following, so they can lead organizations where everyone wants to work. Our most popular offerings include:

Quick Shot Package - briefly reflect on the game and how your team can bring effective support and challenge to maximize team performance.

5 Voice Workshop - learn the behaviors and values of each of the 5 leadership Voices, identify the natural Voice you use in a team, and learn unique leadership insights to begin to transform your team communications.

Transforming Team Communications - leverage your Voice insights in a series of workshops to deepen relational trust, develop true collaboration, have honest conversations, improve alignment, and increase team performance.

Team and Individual 360 Diagnostics, Team Incentives, and Performance Coaching also available.

Observation Package

$49 per game, up to 8 games and 8 different observers.

Minimum 6 Players, maximum 50

Outside facilitators or managers observe their team solve challenges together from inside Mission Control.

Mobile Escape Experience - The Hot Seat

Portable, solo escape challenge

Minimum 1 Players, maximum 999

Ideal for corporate events and private parties, the Hot Seat is a mobile escape challenge completely unique to the Columbia area. Once the player sits down, they have two minutes to complete a series tasks or they will be blasted with "critical failure gas" and spend the rest of their lives as a total loser! You had better work quickly. Everyone is watching. And whatever you do...


Do you have what it takes to beat the Hot Seat?

Available for rent for your event. $129 setup and $149 per hour. 2 hour minimum. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Weekly Specials

Sunday - Thursday

Minimum 2 Players, maximum 6

Sunday: College Night - 5-8 PM.
Bring your friends or meet new people, and play an escape room for $20 per person.
Just be sure to bring your college ID!

Monday: Family Game Night - 6-10 PM.
Come in and play board games with us. Bring your favorite board games or play ours. While you're here, add an escape room for up to 6 players for $119!
Book online for 2 players to reserve the room, and pay the balance when you arrive.

Thursday: Military Appreciation Day - All day.
Come in and celebrate your graduation with us, or just come by with friends to play an escape room. Book an escape room for up to 6 players for $119 with valid military ID!
Book online for 2 players to reserve the room, and pay the balance when you arrive.

Monday - Thursday: Home-school Rates - 12-3 PM.
Play an escape game with us during the day for a discounted rate!
Use code HS25 for 25% and bring a home-school ID with you!

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