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Hall of Fame

Scooby-Doo and The Spooky Castle Adventure Leaderboard

Top 3

01.Team Mathilde C222:320
02.Memez Inc.530:240
03.The Scooby Snacks630:480

Best of the rest

04.Cold Shower Crew431:430
05.Those Meddling Kids531:520
06.New Kids On The Block932:490
07.Team Marie A1034:071
08.Team Cole B534:101
09.Team Ruh roh 534:121
10.Team James T434:401
11.Team Escape This734:460
12.Team Biscuit935:120
13.Hot Dog Water535:521
14.Roll Eages436:041
15.Team Pratt436:231
16.There’s No Such Thing As Ghosts236:490
17.The “Mystery” Gang?537:080
18.Scapey McScapeface838:181
20.Oops All Shaggy’s438:401
21.Scooby Snax538:520
22.Something Groovy639:030
23.Suraj’s Angels839:151
24.Team Daniel L339:341
25.Where Is You439:460
27.Credit Card Debt640:433
28.Team Thomas S740:543
29.The Great Danes640:550
31.Old Man Smithers241:131
32.Team Amanda B641:190
33.Team Jordan M441:190
34.Epic Scooby 941:190
36.John’s Gang441:590
37.The Mystery Machine1042:090
38.Team Jay P542:171
39.The Mustard Museum Minions642:300
40.Team Rebecca K542:452
41.Team Corey S242:480
43.Kirby’s Krushes643:001
44.Team Rachel S443:012
45.Team Joe D443:120
46.Addy’s Team443:180
47.Team Jonathan M443:281
48.Santa’s Solvers743:281
50.Team Jeremy K443:340
51.Tetra Fan Club543:420
52.Team Susan W543:471
53.Team Bailey K443:530
54.Team Justin L243:590
55.Team Sarah G544:002
56.Team Team344:011
57.Team Tempo644:211
58.Team Jennifer H1044:283
59.Clark and Friends644:280
60.Braincell Baddies544:320
61.Team Whylder M344:481
62.Team Kelsey L244:572
63.Team Kinsey T544:572
64.Team Maegan P545:003
65.Team Jonathan C545:001
66.Those Meddling Kids745:172
67.Verona Street Thugs445:293
68.Team Scooby Snacks845:331
69.Team Lara R645:440
70.Team Didn’t Use Hints646:030
72.The Meddling Kids446:143
73.Team Steven G446:232
74.Squirtle Squad446:260
75.Team Danasaur446:331
76.Team Sarah W246:501
77.Team Ryan S246:550
78.Team gwen F347:012
79.Team Katie M447:121
80.Team Doherty647:231
82.Team Jen D247:430
83.Team Morgan W447:591
84.Team Brook G748:043
85.The Scooby Snack Eaters648:052
86.Team Elizabeth W248:171
87.Team Abigail C648:192
88.Team Mande S448:311
89.Team Connor W548:380
90.Team Danielle J448:431
91.Team Adam C448:451
92.Team Andrew A448:491
93.Extreme Guardians248:501
94.Team Philip P448:542
95.ScrappyDoo’s Revenge648:580
96.Team Joy W649:002
97.Team Wendy D449:031
98.Team Meghan Y249:121
99.Team Kelsh349:262
100.Team Hunter R549:271